Scorching summers beating you down? Refresh yourself with the best beers in town. With the start of the summer season, beer sales have been on the rise all over the country. Sporting treats like the Cricket World Cup and IPL have contributed to the beer demand in a big way. While partying and celebrations continue unabated, all you need is those chilled lagers to keep you cool while the sun wields its power.
Beer While it is always a good idea to stick with your tried & tested preferences, more adventurous souls might like to experiment with their booze from time to time. And with new brands entering the Indian markets, there is no dearth of options to choose from.
The change in attitude of the Indian beer drinkers is already showing itself in the number of international brands trying to enter the Indian markets. Over the last few months, numerous international players have recognized India’s potential and have made foray into the domestic market.
With increasing variety of beers available, the consumers are having a gala time. Some must-have beers include Godfather Lite and Godfather Strong, Carlsberg Elephant, Foster’s, Kingfisher Strong, Corona Extra, Stella Artois, etc.
Beer bottle All this has also led to a notable increase in brand awareness. Says Mr. Uday Dewan, Vice President, Devans Modern Breweries, Jammu, “The world has shrunk. It’s amazing to see the young Indians asking for exotic beer brands and ready to experiment with their beers. A notable reason is that earlier, there were very limited choices.”
The recent increase in beer prices has led the skeptics to wonder how it will affect the market. Mr. Amardeep Bassi, Vice President Marketing, Devans Modern Breweries, says “With blazing summers ahead, beer demand is bound to grow. Price increases will not lead to a decrease in demand. The true beer lover will want his chilled glass of beer whatever be the price.”
However, the changes in excise policies and rise in duty has created a new demand. Citing the global acceptance of beer as a low alcohol mild drink, industry bigwigs are of the opinion that the administration should cut back on the taxes so that beer can become more of a social drink in India, similar to other parts of the world.
Cost issues aside, the fact of the matter remains that India’s love for beer is here to stay. With new beers on the block, the craze has only just begun. Variety is the mantra and the more the merrier seems to the buzz word this summer.
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