Skateboarding is great fun! Skateboarding has seen an evolution from being just a lazy past-time for kids to a legitimate sport that adults recognize. Tony Hawk commands a good annual income from skateboarding. The good news is that anybody can learn to skateboard. There is some bad news because it’ll take a whole lot of time to become a pro skater. It will take hard work, but if it grabs your heart then here are some excellent tips for you.

Takes a little time to know which foot goes where on the board. It really does not matter which hand you are, left or right. You’ll have to know which of your legs is the dominant leg. So it’s easiest to think how you approach something. Think back – when you kick a ball, which side do you do it with? Walking up stairs, which foot do you usually start out with? If you ever trip and start to fall, if you can catch yourself – which foot always goes out first? The foot you use for all of these things will almost always be the foot that you keep on the back part of the board. It’s not about which direction you prefer to face, and it’s much more about which leg is strongest. It’s important to come to terms with fear. Many new skateboarders are too scared to do too much too quickly. They understand very fast that there’s not much in the way between being safe and getting injured. It is important to come to terms with this fear, especially if you want to improve. If you don’t work to overcome this, then you’ll always be on the sidelines watching others be cool. The best approach to overcome fear is to practice. The more you can practice, the more open you’ll become to taking risks and trying new stuff. It’s important to figure out the best way to fall. The more and more you deal with these aspects of skating, the quicker and better you’ll get.

Figure out how you want to stand on your skateboard. Depending on the situation, skaters can adopt different stances for the best use. Probably the best thing is to get on your board and stand still on it. Find your best comfortable position, the one you feel you can maintain for some time. Now all you need is to determine how you’ll be pushing off to get some speed. Then push-off with your favorite foot, but there’s no concern about speed or distance. You can use different methods of push-off, but just practice finding a way that works for you.

You know there’s more to skating than standing and riding a flat piece of board. Believe it or not, skateboards are a legitimate way to travel and they provide you with hours of entertainment. The one trick to being good at it is just to have an open mind for learning.

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