Part of the natural challenge we all face with parenting our children are the things that tend to pass without notice. For example, we all have our positive points and personal challenges that are a natural part of our personality.

When your specific personality is united with your unique life experiences and is blended together, what you have left is rather interesting. This mixture becomes most unusual when you add in another adult, along with your children. Making changes is not something most people will do, no matter how difficult it has been for them as spouses, or partners, or even parents. All of that plus all the incredible experiences is what makes life what it is – fun and hard work!

Start observing your children and learn a little more about them each day, because this is the first step to realizing we are all individuals and we should all be respectful of one another. In fact, it is often thought that when we watch our kids at play or at home we learn about them, yet this is hardly ever the case. Once you understand more about your kids in this way, you can be a better parent as you will know them much more deeply. Things you will notice about your kids will include their weaknesses and their areas of strength. Understanding your kids in such detail enables you to be a better parent, allowing you to be there for them at the right times and say what needs to be said. I’m sure you can remember a time when you didn’t feel like you were good enough at something. It’s a terrible feeling to not feel good at something, and that feeling tends to hang on for a while. Children are going to react differently in many situations, but as their parent, you need to be in tune with how those reactions might change. Don’t push your child into an activity if they really are not enjoying it. Giving your children the opportunity to process their feelings out loud will help now and for their future. It is so much better to listen first and then give wisdom on what to do. Educating your kids on how they can improve is always a great way to teach them they are never done learning something.

It is one of the worst things when you see a parent trying to re-live their childhood through their own kids. It is easy to get caught up in the momentum of it all and overexert your kids. Your child will be involved in so many activities that it will become second nature to get a little overzealous sometimes. If your child needs to practice and clearly is not willing to put the time into it, then try having a talk about it to see what is at the root of the matter. In some cases, you could try altering the practice routine if the child likes the activity but is not yet ready to approach it as a budding professional.

There are a thousand situations in the parenting experience that will put you to the test. Raising children, and the little tests, can make or break a marriage. To raise a child to be a responsible person with positive values, will take parents who are willing to make any necessary changes in their own lives.

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