EMF or electromagnetic fields are really dangerous to human health. In modern times, they are everywhere around us and are emitted by a number of different devices. They can cause illness to children, infants and adults and those with less immunity are more likely to suffer. EMFs are basically energy fields created by electronic devices. Since our body has its own electromagnetic field, the radiations from other electric devices can interact with the field of our body and can cause serious health-related problems.
Symptoms like fatigue, sleep disturbance, stress, burning sensation on skin, rashes, aches and pain in muscles, burning sensation in eyes, depression, digestive disorders, infertility and breast cancer are likely to come up in case you are sensitive to EMF.
Some common sources of EMF include devices like codeless phones, hairdryers, refrigerators, vacuums, microwave ovens, TV, irons, electronic razors, WiFi, fluorescent lights, scanners, computers, fax machines, cell phone towers, power lines, airplanes and electronic substations to name a few. The best EMF protection method can be to simply stay away from all of these. This, however, seems impossible. We are surrounded by all these devices and even the thought of staying away from these is scary. But something needs to be done in order to eliminate or reduce the effect of EMF.
Best EMF Protection Methods
Using Shielding solutions
Use of shielding solutions probably seems the only way by using which we can protect ourselves from the dangerous EMFs. The first thing to do is to look out of the windows of your home and search for any cell phone tower within a distance of around 300 meters. If there is an unobstructed view if the tower, you are definitely in the range of the EMF and thus an EMF shied is a must for you. In case the view is obstructed and other buildings are in the way, the effect will be a lot less. Similarly, in case there is an electric substation near your house, where electricity is either generated, distributed or its voltage is altered, you surely need EMF shields to keep away the radiations. There are a number of providers available in the market offering the service to you. The high-voltage electric wires that provide electricity to our homes are also emitter of EMF and thus the protection by using EMF shields become really important.
Stop Using Cordless
Codeless phones in our home emit EMFs even when they are not in use. One of the best EMF protection methods is to stop its use. Instead, install a normal landline. However, if are addicted to codeless and cannot do without it, try to look for options available in the market that only emit radiations while in use.

Choose Router over WiFi
WiFi is installed at all places in modern times. Be it airport, offices, home or any other place, you will surely get wireless net access. The radiation from these systems affects the human health. Though we cannot do much for the devices installed at public places, we can surely switch to a conventional router at home and reduce the effect of radiations.
Buy TV and computer screens which emit less radiations
For best EMF protection, replace your old TV and computer screens with new ones which are low emitters of harmful radiations. Though complete elimination of EMFs seems impossible, we can try our best to reduce the level and thus the harmful effects on our body.

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