Level 2 cold weather alert is on during this weekend and predicted to continue through the next week as well. As the UK MetOffice (www.metoffice.gov.uk) confirms, “There is a 60% probability of heavy snow and associated icy conditions between 0000 on Friday and 0000 on Sunday in parts of England. This weather could increase the health risks to vulnerable patients and disrupt the delivery of services. Please refer to the national Cold Weather Plan and your Trust\’s emergency plan for appropriate preventive action.” (Issued at: Thursday 8 December 2011 at 10:08)

If you are still waiting, the winter to be arrived, then it’s an absolute foolishness on your part. My dear friends, winter has well and truly arrived in the UK this week, and with snow and ice incoming, UK motorists may be expected to take extra care if they\’re driving away for a festive break. Study suggests more than one third of motorists are unprepared for winter driving conditions.

Although, this average is an improved result in statistics, yet the worrisome fact is most of these unprepared motorists haven’t taken any safety measures for winter driving conditions. If you are fortunate enough, then someone who might have invested on winter tyres, snow chains, shovels and blankets and may lend you a helping hand during such arctic conditions. But lady luck doesn’t favour always and you have to prepare before hand for any such eventuality, especially during winter in Europe.

Market research shows that in recent years, sales of snow chains, snow socks and winter emergency kits have increased four times. As global warming affecting weather adversely in the Europe, motorists are becoming aware of such winter car care accessories and steep rise is observed in all-weather tyre sales.

Laws in the UK regarding the use of snow chains & snow socks have been well laid out and in many European countries during the winter months it is recommended to use snow chains, in some it is even a legal requirement. Failure to follow the laws can be punishable by a large fine or the police can forbid you from travelling further. If snow chains are fitted you should travel at no more than 30 mph and should remove them as soon as possible to avoid damaging the road service. Snow chains should always be fitted to the driving wheels, and to the front wheels of 4x4s.

So both from your safety point of view as well as a legal requirement; motorists need to be prepared for upcoming winter. As coming days will be frostier, as a motorist you should put all the necessary winter care kits and dummy’s guide to winter car care on your back seat and drive carefully.

The discussion doesn’t end here. Let’s explore how car manufacturers have responded to this growing winter car care market and benefited substantially by offering unique solutions. According to Autoevolution.com, “most Bentleys might come with all-wheel-drive, but this is worthless in the cold season if it is not backed up by the right accessories. Thus, the British automotive producer has decided to launch a line of winter accessories that includes approved winter tires, socks and snow chains.” Hucknalldispatch.co.uk informs, “In preparation for the winter months, Vauxhall retailers are offering a comprehensive range of accessories, including the popular AutoSock snow socks, which could get you out of a slippery situation in snowy and icy conditions.” You can find thousands of winter car care items online. Towequipe is one of the leading snow chains, snow socks, winter care store in the UK. Visit our online store for more information.

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