You might nonetheless still be missing a thing or two about talking on the telephone, business class when you think you’ve got it down. Blame it on how we’ve become so attached to text messaging or on email, however the fact of the matter is that manners are still really a big deal when it comes to business calls. So to reorient you, here are the best business phone practices which you must practice right now:

1. Introduce yourself. You need to introduce yourself first whenever you call someone unless maybe you are Oprah or Darth Vader. Making a call isn’t like sending a Facebook message in which your identity is shown together with your message.

2. Use a speakerphone responsibly. When using this device, inform the caller that he’s on speakerphone, tell him who else is listening, and let him know the reason why he is on speakerphone. The ethical and responsible thing to do is to shut the door and make sure that unnecessary people do not hear your conversation.

3. Transfer responsibly. How many instances have you been transferred multiple times, only to be asked for the reason or purpose of your call? Annoying, right? Inform the individual about the purpose or reason of the call once you transfer a caller. Spare the caller from the need to recount his concern again and again.

4. Use call waiting for important calls. In case you are waiting to get a call which is highly important, turn call waiting on. Inform the individual on the other end that you may have to attend to another incoming call each time you get another call. Otherwise, just send calls straight to voicemail.

5. End the conversation tactfully. Do not just say “Sorry, I have to go.” Certainly you are much more creative than that! There are many ways through which you’ll be able to end a conversation gracefully.
You may say that you don’t wish to keep them as you know that they’re extremely busy, or apologize about having to finish the conversation due to the fact that work is piling up as you speak. Make an assurance to callers that they may call another time and you’ll be sure to answer them and help them with anything they might need.

6. Let them hang up first. There is a good explanation to this. If you let the caller hang up first, they will not hear you placing the telephone down or slamming it. Furthermore, you can also be sure that the conversation is finished on their end. Also, be sure that the handset is already placed properly on its cradle before you speak about and give comments on the just-finished conversation.

It’s all basic, really. Even so, these are the very things that we may have forgotten because of all the rush and the modifications we’ve experienced in the realm of telecommunication. Maybe the best practice is to ensure that callers will experience excellent call quality from a trustworthy business phone service provider. You owe it to yourself as much as you do to your callers.

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