Believe it or not, there is more to bowling than simply rolling a ball down a lane and knocking some pins over. Like many other sports and hobbies, there is a set of skills and techniques that go into being a good bowler. But how can you make your game better? By getting a few tips you can become the bowler you’d like to be.

One important tip is to know where and when the ball should be released as you approach the top of the lane. Have you ever watched a beginner send a bowling ball flying through the air? It always makes that loud “thud” sound when it lands. Ever lost your concentration and released the ball during the backswing? It’s like firing a cannon ball at your teammates sitting behind you. That’s funny, sometimes. You’ll soon discover there are some considerations to make that will impact your delivery and release of the ball. The weight of the ball plays a big part in your delivery and release. The length of your arms and how you have to bend is also a factor. The best time to let go of the ball is the moment it’s about to hit the lane during your release. Releasing the ball later, during the upswing, will only result in another ball arcing through the air.

The ideal way to get a straight throw on your ball is to hold it so your palm is facing up beneath the ball. You want to hold the ball as you would if you were to slide your hand under it and lift it straight up. As you swing your arm to release the ball make sure that your arm is aimed toward your goal. Your ball is less likely to curve if you do this. You can make your ball curve if you wish by tilting your hand a little until your thumb points at you on the side. This way you can send your ball in an arc toward your intended target. If you know your aim is sometimes a little off, giving your throws a curve can help improve your odds of hitting the center pin more often.

If you want to bowl better, you should also make a habit of watching pro bowlers and studying their techniques. This is a good rule to follow in life: improve your knowledge and skills at anything by watching and imitating those who are best at it. It’s the same with bowling as with anything else. Take some time to study the techniques the professionals use and then just copy what you see the next time you visit your bowling alley.

Pick one great bowler who especially impresses you and watch how he or she moves. Notice how they stand and release the ball. If you want to improve your bowling scores, this habit of watching professionals can definitely help bring your game to a new level.

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