It is often believed that carpets and allergies are not a good combination. Those who suffer from serious cases of asthma and allergies have gone to the extreme length of replacing all their carpets with hard wood and laminate flooring in order to avoid the allergens which become locked inside carpet fibres.

However, a regularly cleaned carpet can actually help to reduce any allergens in your home. Laminate and hard wood floors regularly become dusty which can further irritate allergy suffers. Carpets on the other hand will trap any dust or soil allergens within the pile, enabling you to eliminate them with ease.

Laminate and hard wood floors are difficult to clean as they become dusty extremely quickly. While this type of flooring can look stylish in modern homes, it can also make rooms feel colder during winter months, and poses a slip and fall risk, particularly in homes with young children.

With a professional carpet cleaning machine you can have carpet throughout your home whilst also keeping your house healthy, happy and safe. Easy to use carpet cleaning devices are now available to rent or buy in hundreds of stores across the UK.

Commercial grade professional carpet cleaners were once expensive, heavy and bulky machines that were extremely difficult to use. New designs are much more affordable and powerful machines that feature one pass cleaning systems, meaning unlike older carpet cleaners, no back and forth motion is required. Using a high quality carpet cleaner will extend the lifetime of your carpet, saving you thousands of pounds and keeping your carpet looking brand new for years on end.

Modern professional carpet cleaning machines are compact designs with an easy one button operation. Extending nozzles enable you to clean all stairs and landing areas with ease. Their lightweight design allows you to move the machine across your carpet and let the vibrating brush action and powerful vacuum eliminate all in-ground dirt, brightening up your carpets.

Many carpet cleaning machine manufacturers are now producing a range of cleaning solutions, which are ideal for effectively removing carpet stains by hand. Traffic lane cleaners are perfect for eliminating any embedded dirt, grease, soil, tar or varnish stains that often appear in kitchens, hallways and doorways. The effective spot cleaner loosens the dirt and works as a brilliant pre-treatment before using your carpet cleaning machine. Many of these specially designed spot cleaners are pet friendly and can be used on woollen carpets.

Rent or buy your professional carpet cleaning machine today for fresh, clean carpets all year long.

Rug Doctor produce a range of unique carpet cleaning machines and solutions which eradicate dirt and allergens, providing a thorough deep clean and leaving your carpets feeling soft and looking brand new. Visit their website to rent or buy one of their professional carpet cleaning devices.

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