Photography is a popular leisure activity across the world. Everyone is always interested by the wonder of a picture – holding memories within a single frame. If you’re serious in pursuing this hobby, it may be time for you to consider DSLR cameras.

DSLR is an acronym for Digital Single-Lens Reflex. These are the modern day counterpart of the classic 35mm-manual Slr camera. Some people also think of these as “pro cameras” since they are more technical compared to the standard digital camera. Individuals with no background in using these think it is only one piece. This, however, isn’t the case. DSLRs possess two parts: the camera body and the lenses. Lenses are interchangeable and come in numerous varieties, and the camera body is singular and standard.

The two most popular brands for DSLR cameras are Canon and Nikon. They are the two brands battling for supremacy in the industry. Sony, Panasonic, and Olympus have a considerably lesser share of the DSLR market. Check out the Canon EOS 550D or perhaps the most popular EOS 7D. In case you are inclined on purchasing a Nikon, consider the D90 or D4, the latest in their line-up of DSLR offerings.

You’ll be able to raise your venture into the field of photography by buying additional camera accessories. These will provide extra support as you take more pictures using your new DSLR. Consider the following accessories while shopping. These items will surely help make your experience more pleasant whether you are a newbie or expert photographer.


These external flashes are attachable to the camera through the hot-shoe mount. Although DSLR flashes are actually great, these improve lighting in many ways. They are excellent for when you are shooting in inadequately lit locations. Lots of professional events photographers make use of these to take photos inside of bars and clubs, in addition to other nighttime occasions. These will also be useful for studio photographers to improve lighting conditions. One common misconception is that they are only good for utilization in the dark. You too can utilize these outdoors to fill in shadows.

The standard speed light variety for Canon, Nikon and other brands is easily the most common type. These are typically high-speed, high-power and have an extended zoom range. An extended zoom range means that you can light up subjects even at a major distance. Search for remote controlled kinds or those connected to the unit by way of a wire to better manipulate the place that the light originates from. If you’re interested in taking headshots, it’s also wise to get collapsible light spheres. These give your photos a glossier look.


A tripod is definitely an item no photographer can go without. Great photos rely on clarity on image steadiness; and tripods will allow you to achieve this goal. Of course, DSLR cameras are not just for photos – you’ll be able to shoot videos, too. A tripod will be handy if you are using the DSLR for video purposes.

These usually can be found in two different types – standard and heavy duty. Standard kinds are great for indoor and studio use. Heavy-duty tripods, in contrast, are better for outdoor photographers. They are also ideal if you have a heavy camera because of multiple add-ons such as lenses and flashes.

Complete your photography experience with these camera accessories. Other things you should consider include underwater housings and image enhancing software.

The author is a photographer familiar with the many options for Panasonic cameras and other camera accessories.

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