Left handed people often feel like an overlooked minority in this mostly right handed world. The doorknobs are on the wrong side of the doors. Cupboards and cabinets don’t swing open the way you’d prefer. In schools, it can be hard to find desks for the left handed. You are often required to buy specialized sporting equipment. There are sports, of course, where it isn’t an issue if you’re left handed. If you are playing soccer or football, you won’t need anything special as a left handed player. If you’re playing baseball, though, your glove has to be left handed. Golf is a sport that demands specialized equipment, as golf clubs are designed for the left or right handed. You won’t be able to swing your club properly if it was made for a right handed person and you’re left handed. This is not going to be very good for your golf game. What is the best place to find golf clubs for the left handed?

Stores that specialize in sporting equipment can be good for finding left handed golf clubs. If the store has a knowledgeable staff, they can assist you in choosing golf clubs that are right for you. Remember, not all golf clubs are the same. Your stance, build and height are all things you have to think about before you buy a golf club. You really want to hold and feel different golf clubs to find out how they feel, and you can do this at a sporting goods store. You should even be able to buy one club at a time.

The Intech Junior Golf Club set was created for left handed individuals. It costs less than one hundred dollars on Amazon and comes with very high recommendations. This set is a starter set designed for adolescent golfers. It is meant for boys, but we see no reason why left-handed girls cannot use them. This set was designed with three to seven years old kids (or really short eight year olds). This is the perfect set for left handed children who want to join their parents on the golf course.

The golf pro shop at the local golf course might be the best place to purchase golf clubs for left handed people. Why might this be the best place to get golf clubs? Pro shops are staffed with people who know golf well, and who also know everything about that particular course where you normally play. Not all courses are alike, so it’s good to be able to find clubs that are compatible with the course you play on. If you are a serious golfer, this will be a real advantage. The only drawback is that the clubs at these shops are usually a lot more expensive than they would be in a department store.

It can some times be exasperating, being a left-handed person. Most of the western world caters to right handed people. This means that even small things can become a difficulty for a left-handed person. Even the game of golf can be tough, due to the challenge of finding some left handed clubs! Fortunately, there are tons of shopping options available! Do some analyzing and make sure that you’re getting a great deal!

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