Most of us don’t even consider our sinuses until something goes wrong with them or they start to get clogged. Clogged sinuses are usually a distressing thing to experience and they could make a flu or a cold even harder to get through. Most of us endeavor to take care of our sinus issues with steam or drugs but the truth is that what we take in can also have an effect on these tiny passageways in our faces. So how do you aid your sinuses using food? Keep reading to find out which foods actually do or do not help the sinuses in your faces feel better.

If you begin to have difficulties with your sinuses, you need to keep away from milk and other dairy products. Dairy stimulates your body’s creation of phlegm along with mucous. This stuff can certainly work its way straight into your sinuses and stop drainage and cause some serious blockages. These kinds of blockages will help breed loads of different bacteria that will only help you stay sick. This is why it is a wise decision to cut out dairy products when you experience any sort of sickness because otherwise you could end up just building up levels of phlegm and keeping yourself sicker than you need to be.

Some individuals think that eating spicy foods, like horseradish, wasabi and other spices can be a great help when they suffer from sinus problems. While this can undoubtedly help thin out the mucous in your sinuses, it is also likely to give you a seriously runny nose and other, temporary, relief. If you suffer from other troubles such as heartburn or acid reflux, spicy foods aren’t going to help you–in fact, they can make the problem worse because, sometimes, the regurgitated acid will be able to work its way up from your throat and into your sinuses and could cause some seriously bad problems for you.

Alcohol seriously isn’t beneficial to take in when you are having sinus issues. Alcohol dehydrates your system and helps to harden the mucous as well as phlegm that is throughout your body (especially in your sinuses). This can make it virtually impossible for your sinuses to drain when you are sick so, even though some alcohol may help you sleep through your illness, it could also be prolonging it. At the same time, tea could end up being very beneficial. A cup of hot tea, besides having the steam that will help you break up clogs of mucous in your sinuses, usually has other properties that can help you cure your illnessthough that really depends on the type of tea you choose to brew.

Stay far from caffeine. You might be tempted to ingest coffee instead of tea or even plain hot water. Don’t do it. Caffeine dehydrates the body just like alcohol does so that shows that when you drink (or eat) it, you will have a harder time healing your sinuses and the rest of your body too.

You should, of course, consult a medical professional about the things in this article because everyone reacts differently to things. What is effective for your buddy may not work for you so, if your sinus issues are extended you need to talk to your doctor.

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