Currently carpet industry is controlled by four main varieties:

1. Cut pile floor coverings

Cut pile is crafted when the loops that upshot from weaving are trimmed to the same tallness and allowed to faintly turf, giving the carpet a heavy, soft look. Cut pile carpets are mostly sold for residential use. They are classified into five sub-categories:

Velvet or plush: These floor coverings are soft, elegant and very smooth. The pile is cut numerous times to create a comfy, velvety luster that exhibits every footprint. Velvet carpets are ideal for living rooms.

Saxony: These carpets are not as clean as velvet, but they have a soft texture that is developed by twisting fibers lightly, the yarn is then straightened via heat treatment.

Textured: It’s the top selling cut pile carpet. In textured cut pile, carpet pile is twisted and crimped to make a multi-colored appearance that hides footprints but retains its soft touch. It is ideal for places with moderate to heavy traffic.

Frieze carpet: This carpet is made by tightly twisting and curling fibers that hides foot prints. It can be used to create scroll pattern and is ideal for heavy traffic places.

Shag: This look was used in 60s but it is back with very practical styles. Shag is produced by longer tuft and heavyer yarn. It is ideal for young children bedrooms.

2. Loop pile floor coverings

These carpets are long lasting and easy to clean. They are well suited for busy places because they are short, with a densely packed pile that block the dirt out. They are categorized as follows:

Berber: These carpets have thick yarns and are identified by their flecked look, which is very effective in hiding footprints. They are ideal for dwelling rooms and stairs.

3. Multi-level loop pile floor coverings
When making these floor coverings, more than one loop height is used on the entire carpet to generate random patterns. They have attractive textures and are ideal for moderate traffic areas.

4. Cut and loop pile carpets
These carpets and rugs are made by mixing different types and cuts of pile to generate a wide range of textures and color combination.

Benefits of floor coverings

There are all manners of benefits to having carpets on your floor. fashionable floor coverings can make a positive contribution to your family life in numerous ways. The benefits that you can derive from a carpet include:

– Warmth: carpets and rugs are an excellent choice for residing rooms and other areas where warmth underfoot is vital.
– Safety: carpets and rugs present a non-slip surface to avert mishaps and a cushion in the event of a fall.
– Sound reduction: thick carpets reduce noise better than all other flooring materials. floor coverings absorb noise from foot traffic and obstruct transmission of sound between floors.
– Clean air: Studies show that carpets and rugs assists in improving inside air quality by trapping airborne particulates that cause allergy. This can only happen if you clean your carpet regularly.
– Surface cosmetics: carpets and rugs can help hide irregularities on the floor.
– Easy care: fashionable carpets are easy to clean because they are stain resistant than ever.
– Decorative flexibility: floor coverings come in many styles and colors which can fit perfectly in any room.
– Low cost: Compared to other flooring options available Nowadays, carpets and rugs offer an economical alternative.
– Long life: fashionable carpets and rugs are amazingly durable and will outlast many other flooring options.

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