If you have a passion for public service, upholding the law and making the world a safer place to live, consider an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice. The current job outlook for criminal justice majors is promising. With the government’s current efforts to promote safe living for our nation’s citizens, the demand for law enforcement personnel is on the rise.

What is a Criminal Justice Major

Through an institute accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, criminal justice majors are prepared for careers in local and county law enforcement. Appropriate coursework will help graduates identify and analyze issues regarding the protections of life, liberty and property. Students will also be able to evaluate citizens’ legal rights and limitations and the use of authority. Ethics, best practices and the highest professional standards are key elements in an accredited program.

Upon successful completion of a criminal justice program, students will be prepared to work as professionals within the culture of the legal system. For those who wish to continue their education at a police academy after graduation, the coursework they have already completed will lay the groundwork necessary for success, as graduates will already be able to identify potentially hazardous situations, as well as intervene and manage crisis and conflict situations.

Benefits to an Online Degree Program

If you feel a career in criminal justice is right for you but are concerned about interrupting your life to go back to school, consider online education. There are several benefits to earning your degree online that a traditional route cannot offer. Online education is ideal for individuals who cannot afford to quit their jobs and lose valuable income in order to pursue higher education. People with families or other personal commitments can also find online college beneficial to maintaining their everyday lives. Taking courses online gives students flexibility in studying and completing their coursework. Through online education, you no longer have to worry about losing points for attendance when life happens and unexpected work or personal emergencies crop up. Online coursework gives you the flexibility to attend to your immediate needs while completing coursework on your time throughout the week.

Online criminal justice schools can also help save money on higher education. Often times, materials are provided online, saving you the expensive trip to a campus bookstore. And studying from home means saving on transportation expenses getting to and from class each week.

If you are thinking about going back to school for your Criminal Justice degree, consider both the money and time you can save with accredited criminal justice schools that offer online education.

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