Construction is truly serious business. Constructing a home or establishment is hard work and you will want to use all the correct supplies. Everything from your selection of wires to the cement you utilize is important. One piece of equipment you cant do without is a cement mixer, and you need to use one right for the project. Listed below are some units you might want to look at.

A compact cement mixer is much better suited for lesser projects. These dont take up a lot of space and are well suited for lesser applications like basic home renovations. Select these if the projects only need mixing of a few sacks. It will allow you to make exact quantities with no material going to waste. Another reason it is cost-effective is its lower cost rental fee. There is no need to spend so much because they are available for a nominal amount.

Screed and drum are two examples of such mixers. Screeds are small and easy to bring through doorways and narrow entryways. Its size also makes it possible for easy unloading of separate units like utes and trailers. These make use of a vertically mounted paddle system, that allow you to produce mixes quickly. Drum units are examples of the most basic and conventional kind. This particular cement mixer has outstanding reliability and is popular across all fields of construction. Most have attached wheels and lifting handles for convenient transport. Units can operate on diesel, petrol, and electricity; but also have a control wheel for manual rotation.

Larger projects require more heavy-duty concrete mixer. Examples of this will be the self-loading and planetary systems. The beauty of these units is despite its size, its also suitable for small-scale production. Self-loading machines normally has a capacity of 700 litres and up. Concrete production is usually at a stable 10 cubic metres an hour. These run using either diesel or electricity and they are a great choice for private building contractors and stonemasons.

Planetary mixers are heavy duty and possess exceptional mixing action. These units are great for larger building projects where overall quality control and assurance is necessary. Utilize these if youre producing precast building products or suspended concrete floors.

Sourcing your concrete mixer needs

Mixers are a vital part of each construction site. They must function properly to help keep assignments moving along promptly. Source your tools only from reliable providers. There are many models to select from and you will easily locate them over the internet. You should consider asking colleagues within the industry for recommendations. Do your research and be sure to check with the company before signing a contract with them. Find out about the options, including whether you can buy, rent, or lease the piece of equipment.

Research over the internet because it is much easier to perform side-by-side comparisons of units and pricing charts. Avoid driving from one office to another just to get brochures and quotes. Look for companies providing convenience with online enquiry forms. You merely have to fill out the necessary details and theyll get back to you with an estimate.

Seek providers offering you not just concrete mixer solutions. Maximise your investment by selecting a company that will also help you with design and system recommendation.

The author is a construction manager who knows all about concrete pump and the options for concrete boom pumps.

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