As you learn about gardening you will learn about a wide variety of gardening tools that are all supposed to help you save time and create a more fruitful garden. Of course, you don’t need to purchase every tool that is on the market. Start with a few necessities and then build your collection to include the more expensive and large tools that are available. Believe it or not you can do pretty much everything you need to do in your garden using only your strength. You can use your hands to do things like moving earth and your plants from location to location. At the same time, using tools can save you time and keep the wear and tear on your body to a minimum. Here are a few gardening tools that can help you get the job done.

If your garden has delicate or small plants growing in it, a garden spade is a tool you should have on hand. A garden spade an help you dig up weeds. They are good for moving and clearing debris away from your plants without damaging your plants’ bases. When it comes time to plant your seeds the spade can be quite helpful. Gardeners probably won’t need to use their spades all the time-they are more for those special occasions when you need to garden without wanting to worry about the tensile strength of your plants. Using your spade instead of your hands will save you lots of time and energy no matter what kind of gardening task you need to complete.

Kneelers can also be a good idea. Most gardening involves spending a lot of time crouching or on your hands and needs. Garden kneelers can easily be constructed from spare pieces of Styrofoam or other cushy materials-anything to provide a soft barrier between your knees and the ground. Specialty gardening mats are also available for purchase. Mats and kneelers are used to help ease the wear and tear on your knees that comes from gardening. Many gardeners choose to use mats and kneelers because they help keep their clothing from getting to worn while they garden.

If you are going to do ground work when you garden, you will need to have a shovel. For gardeners who garden over large plots of land, a shovel with a long handle is something that they must purchase. Shovels are good for quickly and easily scooping and moving dirt. Sure you could do this by hand, but using a shovel gives you a prettier result. Trying to transport dirt, earth and other items without a shovel just makes your job as a gardener that much harder. Your work in the garden will be so much easier to do if you have the help of a shovel with a long handle.

Nobody knows which gardening tools they really need when they are just starting out. As a new gardener you are going to want to buy everything the sales person offers you. Rather than let yourself get talked into buying things you do not need start with a few small essentials and then add tools as you find uses for them. This way you won’t have to worry about spending too much money or wasting valuable storage space. Eventually you will be able to tell exactly which tool is needed for which gardening task you need to accomplish.

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