Each woman deals with menopause in her own way. Some women will try to treat the effects of menopause medicinally. Other women fight the symptoms with herbs. Still other women want to deal with the menopause through changes in lifestyle. There are even women who try to pretend that menopause is not happening at all and do nothing to try to treat their symptoms. With all of the different ways to treat menopause the good news is that women no longer merely have to suffer through the symptoms. There are all sorts of different menopause treatments available to the women who want to use them. Unfortunately, due to the fact that every woman has a different menopause experience, there is no one single successful menopause treatment that has a 100% success rate. Having said that, here are some of the more popular methods of treating the condition.

Thirty minutes of moderate exercise are needed every day. Believe it or not, getting regular exercise is a great way to treat menopause. Regular exercise, especially aerobic exercise cuts down on a woman’s risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and other issues that are associated with the aging process. Exercise is also a wonderful mood elevator as well as allowing you to sleep better each night. Having endorphins flowing through your system is a great way to help you fight back against the symptoms of your menopause. Exercise also helps you relieve your stress!

Menopausal women should increase their Vitamin E intake.

Vitamin E is always good for you. Hot flashes can be decreased by increasing Vitamin E intake. As with most herbal remedies, studies on this menopause treatment remain largely inconclusive. Should you choose to increase Vitamin E intake it is recommended that you eat more foods high in the vitamin. The reason for this is becuase your system has a more difficult time breaking down the vitamin in pill form.

Obviously, if you are going through menopause you should not smoke. Heck, you should not smoke at any time in your life. We understand that the beginning of quitting is going to make you angry and irritable but in the end it is a very effective menopause treatment. You will have fewer hot flashes if you quit smoking. If you smoke you will probably go through menopause earlier than your non-smoking friends. So cut out those cigarettes!

Making informed, intelligent decisions about the different menopause treatments is very important to your health. Your doctor is your best guide to menopause treatment, consult him often. The reality is you should discuss treatment with your doctor prior to beginning any treatment for menopause. Remember it may feel like you are alone but you are not.

At some point in every woman’s life she will experience this “change”. You might try talking to other women who are going through the change at the same time that you are. The best medicine is often a dry shoulder to cry on.

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