Menopause symptoms are rarely a cake walk. Yes, that does mean literally pain in the derriere. Thankfully menopause treatment has advanced quite a bit over the last few decades. Not so long ago women would suffer through menopause with little relief. Now there are all sorts of treatments and remedies that can help a woman to ease her suffering. Keep in mind that, because each woman goes through menopause differently, there are no tried and true remedies for symptoms. Still, some treatments have been proven to work better than others. Look below for some great treatment options.

One symptom of menopause most women complain about the most, vaginal dryness, can be treated with vaginal estrogen. In particular, this treatment can help decrease the discomfort a menopausal woman might experience during sexual intercourse. This level of treatment has also been said to decrease dryness. If you suffer with urinary tract symptoms this treatment may beneficial to you. The estrogen is administered locally by the insertion of a ring, a cream or a tablet. Before you decide to begin estrogen treatment it is highly recommended that you discuss it with your physcian. To all of the men out there, it’s a myth that menopausal women don’t need sex, it is actually a very effective treatment. Husbands of the world rejoice! Sexual activity will reduce vaginal dryness and make discomfort during sexual intercourse far more bearable. Your lack of sex drive should not be your sole excuse for refraining from sex, afterall it will help decrease vaginal dryness and perhaps lessen discomfort too. Do not let your lack of libido keep you from remaining sexually active. Consulting your doctor for medical treatment could help restore your desire and minimize your discomfort.

One particularly iffy as to effectiveness is black cohosh. Alot of early stage menopausal women who have used black cohosh have reported extremely fewer symptoms.

Taken for long periods of time black cohosh does have some major side effects such as nausea, headaches, dizziness and heart problems. Should you consider black cohosh as an option for you we recommend talking to your doctor first. If you experience any of the aforementioned side effects discontinue use immediately and consult a physcian. Remember, before you start on any sort of menopause treatment regimen, you should talk with your doctor. Many of the treatments for menopause are natural and lifestyle changes vs. medical or prescription related. Some may find that the use of synthetic hormone replacement therapy is necessary. Every menopausal woman will have a different result. This facts makes it necessary to meet with your doctor to discuss all of your options. Utilize your support system. If you need help all you have to do is ask.

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