If you’re like most people, you’d like to be able to smile at people and have them see teeth that are perfectly white. Your level of confidence can be boosted when you know that your teeth look great. Many people, however, don’t have the kind of teeth they’d like to have, whether it’s because of genetics or their dietary habits. That’s why many people are seeking ways to make their teeth look cleaner and whiter. You can buy products designed to do this, or you can use some ordinary household items. Keep in mind, though, that the enamel of your teeth can be damaged by certain substances when you use them frequently. So always remember to focus on the long term health of your teeth and not overuse any substances or techniques to whiten them.

We stumbled upon an unusual but exciting way to clean your teeth. This consists of utilizing charcoal powder. It is recommended that you get the food grade powder from your local health food store. You should do your homework and look around for stores that sell alternative natural products. In general, this method is simple and consists of placing charcoal powder on your wet toothbrush and brushing your teeth. We believe the purpose and method of whitening is simply brushing with an abrasive compound. Of course, your teeth will have stains for a little while. So continue rinsing and brushing and also remember to completely clean your brush. The recommended frequency is to do this once per week.

Even though lemon juice can cause damage to your teeth, many sources still recommend it as a way to whiten your teeth. Lemon peels can be applied to your teeth, rubbing the teeth with them, and this is essentially the same thing. Lemons have a high concentration of citric acid, which, though it helps to whiten your teeth, also dissolves the enamel (or outer layer) or your teeth over time. You can never get back the enamel on your teeth once it’s been eroded, so it’s something to be careful about. That is why you should use lemons, or anything that is acidic or basic, very sparingly on your teeth.

Dental health is affected by enamel that is a little bit worn or damaged. Damaged or absent enamel can mean a greater risk for cavities. Your teeth will change to a permanent yellow color if the enamel is removed or worn down.

This is because the dentin will be out in the open, which will always be a yellow color. Also, missing enamel will cause your teeth to become more sensitive to temperature. Another reason that your teeth might be sensitive has to do with your gum line that has receded or been reduced because of you brush your teeth too hard. Using a toothbrush that has too hard of a bristle will make your gum line disappear. If you are concerned about your teeth being stained, then you should think about making proper substitutions in your diet. Avoid smoking and foods that will stain your teeth, and replace them with healthy foods.

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