Nowadays, landline phone service is not what it used to be. It’s almost overtaken by mobile phones, smart phones, and also the internet instead of being the sole and favorite means of communication. These days, even young children are texting. They’ll hardly pick up landline telephones at all when this young generation of texting, tweeting youth mature.

Landline phone service isn’t what it used to be. Rather than being the only and favorite method of communication, now it’s practically overtaken by mobile phones, smart phones, as well as the internet. Even young kids are texting these days. When this young generation of texting, tweeting youth grow up, they will hardly pick up landline phones at all.

A business positioning itself to have a presence now and in the future will do well to make projections for the market – made up of the current young consumers – as it will look in the future. Easing changes into the organization now rather than later will ensure smooth and early preparation for the inevitable. One of the changes that need to take place is the upgrading of technology. Technology, in the form of phone service, is a convenient and easy way to introduce change in preparation for the future. When most of your target market is online, it makes sense to meet them where they are. A cloud PBX or VoIP phone service is a good way to do this, since it makes communication easy for you and for your clients.

An online communications system, which is basically what cloud PBX is, allows you the facilities of a high-end, high-tech phone services with all the bells and whistles of a regular PBX system at a fraction of the cost. It will allow you to communicate with your clients from anywhere, at anytime, using the internet to make and receive calls, voicemail and fax messages. You and your staff will benefit from the invaluable assistance of an automated receptionist system that will screen and receive calls anytime of the day or night, greet callers with customized messages, forward calls, take voicemail and fax messages, and generate reports of calls and messages when required.

When your clients call, they are connected to the department or people they need to talk with, at the touch of a button. They can send fax messages to individuals, because cloud PBX allows your people to each have their own fax numbers. Your staff is notified by email and SMS when voicemail or fax comes in, so that they do not miss a message. And your clients need only to call one number which gives them access to the other departments in your company. The ease of use of this system will give your customers the experience that they have come to expect from top-rated, big budget companies, thus bolstering your company’s image as an efficient, stable, and professional organization.

Your organization is freed from the burden of housing and maintaining basically the whole infrastructure of a PBX system. This includes hardware and software, lines and cables, plus people to manage the system. All the hardware and software maintenance will be done for you by your VoIP service provider. When you want to ensure your preparedness for the future market while stabilizing your present hold on the current one, you would do well to start with your phone service.

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