These days there are so many factors to look at when it comes to the perfect web design solution for your business. From the look and feel all the way to the practicality of implementing and maintaining your site. This is where a CMS (content management system) is very useful to meet all of these assumptions.

CMS web design solution will be someone\’s life easier, whether you are a beginner or a novice when it comes to the site to create and maintain it. And to make it even more of these CMS platforms are sufficient comes with loads of plugins, including plugins for better SEO and so many more features.

Two CMS platform I use, and specializes in WordPress and Joomla. Below I have a little more detail about each of the following CMS web design solutions, identifying the benefits and key features.


Joomla CMS specializes in easy to manage many different types of content in many different positions in the event of the site, everything looks good and fast performance. When it comes to the blog, it would be best to run the Joomla install WordPress on the same domain and uses the same MySQL database.

Joomla Pros

* Installing the server size is about 30MB and working and living pattern of results for 100MB
* Friendly to all the different users, including developers, designers and administrators
* A huge resource of Community-based support and assistance to developing sites
* Is a rapidly growing and developing themselves through more than 3 years

Joomla Cons

* There is still lacking when it comes to the novice user-friendliness the average computer user
* Not the best CMS when it comes to blogging
* Have a good run on the Linux server is enabled suphp


This is the best solution for bloggers and blogging sites, and as you know, Google loves blogs. With the latest 3 WordPress and WordPress template 3, you also have a few menu items and layouts as Joomla and can create a website with a static page and much more.

WordPress Pros

* Very easy to use, because it is right out of the box without any modifications.
* The best blogs and share their experiences and thoughts of many materials
* Even the most friendly and non-computer users can get the hang of it fast and easy

WordPress Cons

* Not a developer-friendly
* Updates can bring more bugs and incompatibility problems with other plug-ins or corrections
* For some reason most of the WordPress community complaints

So in conclusion, or using WordPress or Joomla depending on what your specific needs, but I would suggest you use them together the best long-term investment returns and provide a lot of rankings in Google and other search engines.

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