Have you ever learned about bagasse pellet mill, if not, it is time for you to have some understanding about it. As its name implies, bagasse pellet mill is kind of pellet mill that use bagasse as its main raw material. Bagasse can be obtained in many areas, which is a variety of agricultural residue after sugar cane was drained. Bagasse is especially abundant in countries such as Brazil, where sugar cane is the main farming products.

In comparison with other raw material, bagasse is more convenient to deal with, because it is soft and dry. You can easily grind them into small particles, and then you need to decrease its moisture content. The good quality pellet demands that the moisture content should be kept atabout 15%.

In order to improve the quality of bagasse pellet, you may still need to add some binding agent for there may lack lignin. There are plenty of binding agents you can use. As an illustration, vegetable oil is a good choice.

Bagasse may seem like kind of waste, but once they are turned into pellet fuel, they become something valuable. Additionally, easy transportation is one of its benefits. You can buy bagasse fuel in bags to make your home warm in the cold winter. They are clean and easy to pour into the pellet stove with less fines left. You don’t worry it will release smoke to suffocate your breath because it can burn very completely in the stove with less ash after finish burning.

Now as you know the benefit of bagasse, you may ask where can you obtain such kind of pellet mill if you want to make bagasse pellets by yourself. This is not exactly a difficult question to answer as you can finds lots of such related information from the internet. But experienced consultant suggests that it is better to contact the manufacturer instead of the sales agent. There are many pellet mill manufacturers available in the web you can try to make contact. Most manufacturers have their own website where the related information about their machine is listed. And if you want to know more details, you can directly telephone them or email them by the contact information they provide in the website. You will get the reply very quickly for they have special sales stuff working with the questions from the customers.

After you have got one pellet mill, you should run according to the instruction. If you intend to carry out a large scale project, be sure that your raw material supply is sufficient to ensure your production goes on successfully. If you just want to make the bagasse pellet for home use, you can choose the small scale pellet mill which is affordable for many people. They often have a small size, which you can place in every corner of your home or move it with little effort.

Now try it on your own, you never will know its actual advantage until you really try out it.

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