Heating and air conditioning have become as an integral part of everyone’s home. Today, homeowners are installing many air conditioners to enhance their indoor air quality. Air conditioners are also available in a wide range of models and price from which people can choose the best one according to their expectation and budget. However, the sad news is that many air conditioners fail within a short span of time mainly due to homeowner’s negligence.

If you want to enhance your air conditioning system’s lifespan and save repair expenses then you need to know more about the common causes for air conditioners failure. Some important causes for air conditioner failures are listed below:

Pipe freezing on air conditioner:

This is one of the common problems that occur during summer. Usually, there are two common causes for pipe freezing on air conditioner namely low Freon level and dirt accumulated in filters. When there is a low amount of Freon, air conditioning units struggle to keep cool and runs continuously for a long time. This continuous operation causes pipe freezing. Another cause for pipe freezing is dirt that gets accumulated in the filters. When the filters get piled up dirt and debris, air conditioning unit needs to work for a long time to pump the air out. Due to its continuous working, pipe freezing occurs.

A professional heating and air conditioning technician will be able to resolve the low level Freon problem in time. For filter problem, you can resolve the problem by cleaning the filter.

Leaking problems:

Leaking is another common problem which can cause a wide range of problems such as mold and bacterial growth and wall damages due to dripping water from the air conditioners. When you encounter leaking problems, you must check out the drain line from the condensate pump. Usually, small blockage that occurs in the drain line due to dirt or debris can cause leaking. You need to clean the drain line to stop the leakage.

Unable to cool effectively:

Sometimes, air conditioners may not be able to cool effectively due to a number of reasons. Most often, exhausted compressor can cause such problems. So, check out the compressor for internal wear. Leakages are another important cause for inefficient cooling.

Low performance:

Low performance can be caused due to dirt accumulated in the filter or ice build-up on condenser coils. So, you need to clean the filter and condenser coil to enhance its performance.

These are some common causes for air conditioner failure, so make sure you are checking out these factors on regular basis.

Identifying the common causes for pipe freezing on air conditioner can help you to secure your air conditioner for a long time. The author has immense knowledge in the heating and air conditioning in Sacramento arena and has written many articles regarding heating and air conditioning in Sacramento in the past.

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