Getting a limo for many different events has been a tradition. Many people throughout the country are searching for these services for significant functions like proposals, marriages, and other social functions. There are various options for you to choose from when searching for a limo hire in Perth. You have to seek the best in order to make your experience more memorable. Look into the following before making a reservation for a limousine service. All of these will help with making the trip pleasurable for all.

Vehicle Fleet

This is the very first thing to think about when scouting for a limousine hire in Perth. Find out what vehicles their fleet is composed of. The latest cars should have updated features throughout all aspects – interior and external design, technologies, and safety. These vehicles can also usually accommodate more in terms of seating capacity and added features.

Chrysler cars are a great make and are fitted for limousine purposes. Various makes have different seating capacities and range from comfortable 5-seaters to spacious 12-seaters. They’re excellent for most occasions and can make your trips, short or long, much more fun. Another great example is the Hummer Stretch Limousine, which could easily seat up to 14 people. This feature makes it a popular choice among the younger generation. Many opt for this for gatherings like school balls.

Package Variety

Hire a company that’ll ensure that you get more than just another car ride. A trip on a limo must be special and various packages will help make it more fun. Look for services offering complimentary refreshments like water and soda pops. While the former are often the norm, some companies cater to requests for champagne and wine for special occasions. Others go the extra mile and have a fully stocked bar that comes with all items – firms providing such will obviously be the better option.

Deals should also come complete with refined and prompt chauffeurs. Remember that the chauffeur is an integral part of the trip. Make sure the company you choose has chauffeurs that are pleasant and courteous. Punctuality is another major characteristic to think about, especially if you are making use of the limousine for functions like wedding ceremonies or picking up visitors. This thought should weigh heavily when you seek a limo hire in Perth.


Onboard entertainment can really help make trips more exciting and enjoyable. Try to find companies making use of a technologically capable fleet. Inquire if they’ve got a full stereo system with DVD, CD, and iPod capability. Naturally, they should also use premium quality speakers to complete the experience for you. You can make the event much more memorable by preparing a playlist and plugging in your own iPod.

Some vehicles also have large High Definition Tvs installed. They are ideal if you want to watch a film or short videos during the trip. Also, it is ideal if you would like to watch special videos and slideshows. It is a great idea for couples hiring a limo for wedding or engagement purposes.

These are only some things to bear in mind when looking for a limousine hire in Perth. Riding a limo is all about the experience. Hire companies that will provide you with an enjoyable and memorable experience. If not for you, then the people you are hiring the service for.

The Author is a freelance planner for Perth weddings and is aiming to partner up with a company providing limousines Perth.

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