Born and Raised in the Twin City of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Veena Malik has been a part of showbiz for a long time. Starting her career from the Film Industry, she has seen many ups and downs in her career. But one thing was for sure from the beginning, she knew the art of making herself famous for the world to see. In the beginning of her career her controversial yet very famous “ART” pictures made her way to the mainstream of media.

She was always controversies the best friend. Doing movies in the time of crisis in the Pakistan film industry she made her name those times when people did not want to go to the cinema halls because of the downgraded, vulgar and obscene movies that are made in those times. Slowly, but surely making her name in the movies she made her way into the smaller screen and started doing commercials and song videos. After some time, she started acting in the dramas and bigger productions in the smaller screen. Her claim to fame and where she showcased her talents to world was a weekly private channels parody program, where she hosted the entire program and also mimicked numerous famous celebrities and as well various political leaders.

Making a huge name of herself in Pakistan and becoming a household name, she then set her sights on the international market and took part in one of India’s biggest and most viewed reality show “Big Boss”. Her controversial antics continued in that show and as they say: “No Publicity is Bad Publicity” she made a name of herself in that show and became a household name in India as well. Everyone in the industry knew that someone by the name of VEENA MALIK was in INDIA. She has done several projects in India.

Knowing the art of keeping her name in the limelight, she did one of the most controversial and bold photo shoot ever. Instantly it made several headlines and she became one the most hated person of the country. Cheap publicity made her even more highlighted in News. Say what you what you want about her, love her or hate her, you cannot ignore her.

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