If you have never been to Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio is the perfect introduction. It has amazing views, gorgeous rainforest, abundant wildlife, its own National Park, beautiful white sand beaches, great selection of restaurants and nightlife, and tours and activities to keep your days filled with fun. Only a 20-minute flight from San Jose or an easy 2.5 hour drive on our new highway, Manuel Antonio is 100 miles Southwest of San Jose on the Pacific Coast. Tucked away in a small corner of the Costa Rican coastline, this tropical town attracts travellers from all over the world.

Manuel Antonio has one of the largest beaches in the entire country, and is unique to any other beach in the world. Lined with lush rainforest, white sand, and blue water this beach is one not to be missed.

We are home to Manuel Antonio National Park. This park is one of the most beautiful and popular protected coastal areas with amazing wildlife and beaches to experience. The natural habitat is home to famous black iguanas, endangered squirrel monkeys, howler Monkeys, and white faced capuchin monkeys, three toed sloths, pelicans, and hawks. The National Park contains hidden coves ideal for snorkelling and trails through tropical rainforest. The landmark Punta Cathedral towers high above the deep blue Pacific Ocean.

The national motto in Costa Rica, “Pura Vida” sums up the culture and atmosphere you will experience during your stay in Manuel Antonio. The literal translation for Pura Vida is Pure Life. But everyone in Costa Rica uses it as a greeting or a way of saying good bye, etc. People say that the surfers brought that phrase here in the sixties and it was said to express the love of the simple and pure lifestyle. You will hear it a lot once you get here. Costa Rica is ranked the #1 Happiest Country on the Planet in a new report by a British nonprofit group, New Economics Foundation. Relax and enjoy your vacation where people choose to live the simple life.

Costa Rica Vacation Rentals. Come experience the beautiful Central Pacific beach town of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica at Jungle Creek. Nestled in a quiet tropical setting, Jungle Creek Villas are private, secure, comfortable and fully furnished. The country’s white sand beaches, Manuel Antonio National Park, shopping and local cuisine are located just minutes from the gated property.

Hang out with the monkeys at Jungle Creek
The stars of Manuel Antonio and Jungle Creek are the Squirrel Monkeys also known as the Mono Titi Monkeys. One can draw many parallels between Costa Ricans and the majestic Mono Titi. Costa Ricans embrace the small: the country is among the minutest in Latin America and the people even call themselves Ticos- a Spanish derivative for something very, very small. Like Costa Ricans, the Mono Titi live life to the fullest and have no use for disagreement or anything else that gets in the way of a good time. Unfortunately, the fuzzy little creatures are highly endangered: only 1700 remain, despite the influx of eco-tourism.

Jungle Creek is your home away from home when visiting Costa Rica. A blend of tropical simplicity and familiar amenities culminate to let you comfortably relax in privacy.

Costa Rica Vacation Rentals – Jungle Creek
Manuel Antonio – Costa Rica Vacations – Jungle Creek

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