DLP television has the advantages of a large screen size, natural colors and fast pixel response at a low price. The disadvantage DLP TVs are the light source or DLP lamp that lights up the screen. These DLP lamps or DLP bulbs have a limited lifespan similar to a standard incandescent light bulb. These DLP lamps often have a lifespan of several thousand hours and seem to burn out at the most inconvenient times. The difficulty of replacement of a DLP bulb varies widely by brand and model number of television. Some DLP lamps can be replaced quite easily by the consumer while others require the disassembly of the television by a technician. The DLP bulbs require special handling as the DLP lamp assembly may expose the quartz envelope to fingerprints or other contamination. The DLP bulb runs at such high temperatures a fingerprint or other contamination on the quartz envelope may cause the DLP bulb to explode.

Because of the wide variation of techniques of DLP lamp installation, it is best to research your particular make and model DLP television or leave the installation to a professional. DLP lamps purchased by end-users may or may not have a warranty when the end-user installs the DLP bulb himself. Other factors such as bad power supplies or ballasts may cause the new DLP lamp to fail either immediately or within hours of installation. Knowing what types of failures are typical in your DLP television is important to determine whether the DLP lamp failure is caused by the DLP lamp or the powering source.

Another important factor in DLP bulb replacements is whether you should go with a brand name or generic. In some fields there is no difference from generic and brand-name quality. For example in the pharmaceutical industry a generic drug is of the exact same quality of a brand-name drug. There is only one quality of pharmaceuticals in the United States of America. In many other industries the term generic often refers to a reduced quality or knock off version of the branded product. When referring to generic DLP lamps quality may vary widely from a brand name or OEM DLP bulbs.

One service center when testing generic DLP lamps reported both a much higher initial failure rate and a reduced lifespan when compared with manufacturer supplied or brand-name bulbs. When you are buying a replacement DLP lamp for your television or DLP projector knowing that you are buying a quality product is very important. As you can see buying DLP lamps for your television or DLP projector is much more involved than buying a replacement light bulb for your house or car. Price and delivery options are not all that needs to be considered when finding a supplier for replacement.

When purchasing DLP lamps on the Internet it is important that the vendor is familiar both with the product that he is selling and the make and model of television you’re installing the DLP bulb into. A low-quality DLP lamp that explodes in your television may render your television useless. Likewise a quality DLP bulb improperly installed can also damage your television.

In the Chicago land area there is one choice for DLP lamp purchases and or installation and that is Rex Service Company. Rex Service Company is familiar with all the makes and models of DLP televisions are on the market today. They can advise you whether a consumer can replace his own DLP lamp or whether it should be left to a professional for his particular make and model. Rex Service Company has the experience to know when it is safe to go with a generic DLP lamp or when it is better to go with an OEM DLP lamp or other branded replacement DLP bulb.

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