The stress of crafting with your kids can make you feel overwhelmed. You worry about whether or not you child will be happy. You are concerned with keeping your house from being torn apart. You’ll want to make sure you have all of the appropriate equipment such as scissors that are appropriate for the child who might be left handed. The fact is that your craft time with your children shouldn’t be stressful. We will discuss how to make craft time less stressful and more fun for everybody.

Where ever you’ll be crafting, you need to take measures to avoid any damage. So that simply means to lay down something to protect the floor or table and other furniture. Just that one thing alone will help prevent disasters as well as making the clean-up process faster and easier. Have you ever lost something and found it months later under the sofa? Well, doing that will help prevent something such as the left-handed scissors getting lost forever. Just taking that small step will help make things easier because it’ll be easier to keep an eye on things. Who knows how much time it will save you when you’re done, but even if it’s only 10 minutes, we bet you’ll take it! Try to give yourself plenty of room for crafting. You want to have enough working space. If you have a kid using left-handed scissors, then if other kids (who are right handed) are nearby, then that could pose some problems, and bickering. When there is enough room, people will feel more relaxed and at ease than if they felt cramped. Folks trying to do anything in a tight space will tend to cause friction, and then the fun of crafting is lost. More room cuts down on the chances of kids spilling liquids or things of that nature.

It’s really important to have your kids work on crafts that are appropriate to their ages. The reason for this is simply to avoid causing your kids to feel they can’t do it, and that won’t be good for their sense of confidence, etc. Always avoid something that is significantly advanced for their age because that can be potentially damaging to them. But you don’t want to bore them with a project that is overy easy and simple. Some children may be inclined to feel a little bit ‘dissed’ because it’s easy, and they could even think you believe they are not capable, or smart. You will have the anxiety and stress rather than your kids. As you know very well, your kids are creative and want to make things. But that is how it should be; it’s part of being the parent to stress and worry over making things the best they can be for our children. So we’ll just encourage you to stay calm and even for the big day, and make it fun for your kids and yourself – you all deserve it. If you forgot to the get those left-handed scissors when you went to the art store – no worries, just have fun and wing it.

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