Indicators of diabetes are often times the same indicators that are seen in other diseases. The only symptoms that are one-of-a-kind to diabetes are not generally apparent without extensive medical testing. Of course, this does not mean you should quit keeping an eye on signs of the disease. Diabetes can start to show signs of itself in a number of ways. This article will explain some of the chief indicators of this sickness.

One of the most recognizable symptoms of diabetes is fatigue. Yes, fatigue is a sign of an array of issues.

Occasionally it could be a sign of a major illness. Other times it simply means that you need to get more sleep at night. Of course, when it is on account of diabetes, the fatigues is nearly unbearable. Someone having to battle this kind of sleepiness probably gets more than enough sleep at night and, even if they’re not overly active, will often feel completely drained. This is the kind of drowsiness that is often times associated with mononucleosis and can be just as limiting. Keep track of your energy levels. If there is no reason for you to be feeling so exhausted, call your doctor and ask him to run some tests.

Excessive thirst is one of the diabetes indicators that are pretty well known. Because of books in which trendy characters discuss their diabetes diagnoses, a lot of people compare excessive thirst with diabetes. All humans experience thirst. Excessive thirst is when, even if you are drinking far beyond the daily recommended amount of water (64 ounces) you still feel like you might be “dying” of thirst. Nothing can be done about this thirst. If you undergo thirst like this, you should discuss it with your medical professional. Dehydration is a possibility. More likely it is that something is playing around with your potassium level (which is one the main indicators of diabetes, also.

One of the diabetes symptoms that is harder to recognize, especially in yourself is an altered mental state. We all have days where we have difficulty paying attention. If you are suddenly feeling agitated, confused or even irritated and can’t determine why you feel that way, it could be on the account of you are enduring one of the syndromes of diabetes. It is not hard to realize this in others, however it is more difficult to see it in yourself.

You might not even realize you are acting a little out of whack. It’s when someone asks “what’s wrong with you” that you should being to pay attention. Occasionally it is just a bad mood. Other times it is a sign that something is going wrong internally and physically.

Diagnosing diabetes is a tedious task. This is on account of many of the warning signs mimicking the warning signs of other illnesses, as well. The most direct evidence can only be found out through extensive testing. Still, there are physical signs and diabetes symptoms that you should be looking for. Diabetes is a grave illness, especially if it isn’t treated appropriately. The right treatment depends on a real diagnosis. So, if you see that your body is a little out of whack, you should discuss it with your medical professional. What you think is a cold could turn out to be diabetes.

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