If your computer is running slower than it usually runs, it is possible that your computer registry needs to be cleaned. It would not even be funny if this had to be done by hand. But have no fear, there are who knows how many hundreds of these programs available on the web. Unfortunately, not all of these programs are created equally. If you’re not aware of this, you need to be aware of people who offer basically free registry cleaner downloads, but they are not real programs – they just infect your computer with who knows what – malware basically. Ok, fine you say… but then how do you know what companies are for real and which ones are not? No problem, and we’ve provided some excellent tips you can use to make a solid choice of a good registry cleaner.

Search out legitimate registry cleaners and repairers on some of the reputable downloading platforms. For example, CNet is well known all over the internet. They have a reputation for excellence and offer many different programs for download. Another place to look for a registry cleaner is the official Windows site. If the company is trustworthy, their site can work just as well. Researching any site who’s reputation isn’t stellar is always wise before downloading anything. Look for an interface that is easy for you to use. What you prefer personally is what makes the interface easy to use. Some people prefer to type in commands and have them obeyed. On the other hand, there are those who just like to click a button to accomplish what they want. Some like to have all options available and actually use both methods. Understanding how to operate the program and being comfortable using it are of high priority. So in the end if you aren’t comfortable typing in the actual commands then look for something that has menu options you can choose from. A text based program will be what you are looking for though, if you prefer to not have a lot of silly graphics.

You will always want to research the product prior to downloading it. Independent sites that have a good reputation are the first place you should look for reviews. It is best to look for another program if the only reviews you locate are affiliate reviews or promotional links. Look for reviews in trusted forums for PC users. Well respected computer blogs and websites are another location for independent reviews. When looking for the right cleaner it is important that you find reviews from independent third parties. These reviews help you weed out the scams from the helpful programs. It’s not hard to discover more registry cleaner programs than you can shake a stick at. Also, for the unaware, sometimes it is not so easy to know who is for real and who is not. The way to protect yourself is to get smarter about the subject, and you will begin to see certain names used a lot. With enough research you shouldn’t have any trouble choosing registry cleaners and repair programs. Perhaps the tips you have read will keep you out of trouble and safe.

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