Digitaldruckerei Hamburg works with printing method with which the print format will transfer directly from a pc into a pressure machine, with no static printing form can be used. With the pressure system this mostly concerns an electric-photographic stress system like a laser printer which is constructed for high production figures. Also other methods find use, for instance, inks ray pressure for large-size posters and posters. Differently than, for example, in the offset publishing becomes from Digitaldruckerei Hamburg no constant copy (printing form) requirements, so that every curve could be differently printed (NIP = Non Impact Printing). Also as a Direct Digitally Printing (DDP) called procedures make it able to personalized printings like invoices, charge card vouchers documents without alter of the printing form immediately in the right order tend to be printed, later gathering (working) is not necessary..
In addition, the pressure system can show other equipment towards the reaping and bandages. The output of complete pressure products using the Digitaldruckerei Hamburg thereby in the shortest time possible.
Meanwhile there is a row in different digital pressure versions. Moreover belong the ink-jet printers or laser printers which are used primarily for really small productions in the private area. Then the so-called come” Quick copier” which often look like the laser printer, but clearly higher speed reach a lot sooner. Digitaldruckerei Hamburg necessary, every now and then are applied, e.g., with the list production digital pressure on one side and offset’s procedure or low-pressure process.
A new field for the Digitaldruckerei Hamburg are, for example, greetings cards and so on. those are produced a million times directly by consumers.
An additional operational area of the digital pressure is also the Generous format Print (large format pressure).
The crossing between an efficient photocopier and a digital stress system is fluent. Digital stress systems often still show possibilities for the memory of the copy. They print with higher image quality, tend to be more reliable and more productive than the usual copier. In addition, in the digital color pressure the exact color-loyal reproduction is supported by submissions or even certain standardized tones. To reach a high color exactness, there are mostly luxurious settings as well as potash Brie posts, the so-called color management.
Digital pressure systems convey more possibilities to steer the order from the pages of a document around the curve. Several smaller webpages can be arranged on a large curve (use mounting). In order to folds and bandages of the printings towards the ready product are prepared. The actual cutting is simplified by in addition printed guts manufacturers and suitable edges.
Digitaldruckerei Hamburg additionally allows a teamwork of single workplaces coordinated upon each other and machines of various manufacturers. This allows the choice of a number of pressure technologies with quite special qualities (inks beam pressure, wax pressure, digital silk screen, laser pressure etc.)- as well as substantially broader choice with the following treatment after the pressure in the Digitaldruckerei Hamburg..

Digitaldruckerei Hamburg

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