Your family recently purchased a PSP system and now everyone is fighting over it. Who had it last, why was something erased, played with, you know the drill if your children have to share something as important to them as a PSP system.

While being the referee is not easy when it comes to dividing the time between them, it is imperative that everyone gets their fair share of time. One way to help avoid problems is to give each of them their own PSP memory stick. The PSP memory stick is the same as the PS2 memory card in their previous gaming system. The PSP memory stick comes in many different sizes and range in cost of $20 to more than $180. The cost is directly related to the memory size of the stick. The PSP memory stick can be

* MSX-M8GS 8 GB Memory Stick PRO Duo * MSX-M4GS 4 GB Memory Stick PRO Duo * MSX-M2GN 2GB High Speed Memory Stick PRO Duo * MSX-M2GS 2 GB Memory Stick PRO Duo * MSX-M512S 512 MB Memory Stick PRO Duo * MSX-M1GST 1 GB Memory Stick PRO Duo * MSX-M256S 256 MB Memory Stick PRO Duo

What does this mean for you as a parent? How about a little less arguing over who did what on the PSP system. Each family member that uses the PSP can have their own memory stick where they can download their stuff.

So, what exactly will the PSP memory stick do? It was developed to allow the copying, sharing and exchange of information between a wide variety of different products. The memory stick is compact, light, reliable and easy to handle and can hold a variety of digital content from photos and computer data, to short movies, to music videos, moving images, and game files. You can also download files from the internet directly onto you computer and then transfer them over a USB cable to the memory stick that you will use in your PSP. This and probably a lot more can be stored on this single small drive.

The PSP memory stick is versatile, compatible and user-friendly making it good for even younger children. It is one of the most popular choices when it comes to portable memory for people who enjoy using and seeing their digital content anywhere or any time they want.

At one time the memory stick was a very expensive accessory. Now, due to more competition in the market place among retailers and lower costs to make them, the prices just keep dropping. It is conceivable that every member in the family will have more than one memory stick for their own personal use.

Start keeping the peace in your family. Go out and purchase a PSP memory stick for everyone that uses the system. You will not regret investing a few more dollars if it gets the children to stop fighting over the PSP system. Now, it will not get them to stop fight over other things, but any step forward is keeping the arguing and fighting down is worth the money.

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