The fact that green tea is healthy to consume is no secret; indeed, more and more is becoming known about how versatile this food is for specific and general health. Green tea does contain caffeine, in lesser amounts than coffee; so it is applicable for weight loss plus certain antioxidants for heart health. The green tea show is not over by a long shot, and there is even more information and uses for this food.

We will now look at some of the best reasons to drink lots of green tea.

Decreasing your blood pressure plus making your heart stronger and healthier are the first two great benefits of green tea. With regular consumption, you can effect the increase of HDL cholesterol which is the good guy, and then lower the overall cholesterol – and then you can help burn fat with certain properties contained in this tea. So think about that: controlling your blood pressure, cholesterol, and then you can lose weight easier, too. Studies that indicate such benefits usually suggest consuming around four cups of green tea per day. If you find that this is more caffeine than you can handle, you can substitute a decaffeinated variety.

One obvious area that people wonder about is cancer, and yes there are are signs that green tea may play a noticeable role with cancer prevention/treatment. Green tea contains certain kinds of antioxidants, just one of which are polyphenols which fight against cancers. In China, where a great deal of research occurs, scientists demonstrated a marked lower risk of esophagus cancer due to regular ingestion of green tea. Cancer of the lungs and stomach are two more cancers that may be positively affected by green tea. We’re not here to preach, but if you can avoid as many unhealthy habits as possible, then obviously that will help a great deal.

The more active you are the better off you’ll be, and the active stimulant elements found in green tea can make a huge difference in that regard. This, in turn, can help you to lose weight and improve your overall health. Also, a lot of energy support supplements do not have the healthiest ingredients for many people. You really do not need to consume high levels of sugar, and many do have that plus the caffeine in high amounts. You will receive about 50% the amount of caffeine in green tea that you will get from a cup of regular coffee.

Also consider that the full green tea story has not been published, no doubt more healthy properties will be uncovered. There are reams of research data available about green tea, and the health benefits available to you are open and ready for taking. Don’t forget to help yourself by choosing healthy foods in your diet, and then be active even if it’s going for a walk. Just a few cups of green tea every day will take you farther than you realize.

There are excellent, unique, and powerful benefits of green tea; and what else will come out is anyone’s guess. There are no excuses for not being able to take green tea because it’s available in different forms. If you take it regularly, you will enjoy more of the benefits.

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