The market for anti-ageing products is booming ! It has come a long way from liposuctions, tummy tucks, laser resurfacing and skin peeling to the emerging markets in hand held at-home anti-ageing devices, serums and creams with plant steam cell extracts, vitamin peptides, collagen and a heap of new and innovative topical products.

Australian market usually lags behind European market when it comes to consumer behavior and latest trends for all things beauty, cosmetic and anti-ageing. There are however a plethora of new products that have hit the shelves in the last 12 months promising from reduction in wrinkles and fine lines to skin tightening, toning, cellulite reduction, eliminating stretch marks and sun spots and more.

One of the latest to claim enhanced skin rejuvenation and revolutionary results is the Skin Physics Cellugen range, the makers of Photon Photo Rejuvenation, LiposcultUltrasound and Instant FX. Skin Physics has positioned itself as an emerging brand in, at-home anti-ageing products and hand held devices that combat visible symptoms of ageing skin and promises great results from its range.

The Cellugen™ range includes the Activating Serum, Cleanser, SPF 15 Day Cream, Night Cream, and Eye Gel and presents a formidable line of products to cater for reducing the visible signs of ageing on face, neck and hands. These products were originally designed to work with Skin Physics’ hand held light therapy device (Photon Photo Rejuvenation) however they appear to contain a significant base of ingredients, which by themselves should provide positive results.

In the world of product reviews, recommendations and referrals, it is yet to prove its credentials owing to a mixed bag of initial reactions from users and testers. The company has been actively promoting the range through an aggressive media campaign that has seen it promoted on TV and in leading newspapers and beauty magazines throughout Australia.

The Cellugen night cream is designed to rejuvenate the skin during the night and works together with the Photon Photo Rejuvenation hand held device to maximize cellular regeneration. It contains Regenetec, which the company claims is a powerful apple stem cell extract that is proven to hold energy in the skin cells for dramatic rejuvenation, botanical extracts to hold in daily moisture and fruit acids to remove surface imperfections and boost skin renewal during the night.

The Day cream, eye gel and cleanser also boast the same apple stem cell extract in varying proportions and claim to work quickly in providing immediate and lasting results.

The products are available online and through leading departmental stores and Pharmacy chains in Australia.

In conclusion, the Skin Physics Cellugen appears to contain the “wow” ingredients and it certainly appears to be a major emerging player within the at-home anti-ageing market. Unless the Cellugen range gains positive noise and recommendations from key and independent beauty media and users, it remains to be seen if it actually delivers on its claims in providing a ‘revolutionary’ and ‘dramatic’ skin rejuvenation for the vast majority of its client base.

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Greyson Hamilton is a skin care and health care expert who also writes on different type of skin and cosmetic products that are helpful in anti ageing,anti ageing treatment, wrinkle reduction, weight loss, and Skin Physics Cellugen.

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