A lot of people grow up driving in cars or trucks, and cant wait until they are old enough to drive themselves, and finally own their own vehicle. Almost all of them arent taught anything about taking care of the car, except watching it go to a mechanics once in a while. Quite a few young guys learn elementary car maintenance in high school or college and know how to take care of a car, but most men dont. Carrying out some straightforward maintenance on your vehicle will keep it on the road for an expanded period of time. This is particularly true if you live in a part of the country that experiences cold winters because these can harm your vehicles.

It is imperative that you keep your tires properly inflated any time, but even more so when the temperature drops. Not only is it going to help prevent flat tires, but the gas mileage is better when the tires have the right amount of air. It is such an painless thing to check the tires and fill them up whenever they are low. Another very easy action to take is keep the fuel tank above a quarter of a tank. This really is more important during the winter, because there is the potential of the fuel lines freezing, particularly on older cars. For newer vehicles, this may not be a great concern, but who would like be stranded with an empty gas tank in subzero temperatures?

Well before chillier weather, you should determine whether or not your vehicles cooling system is ready to go. In an effort to have your car or truck in the best working order, you should have the coolant flushed and replaced yearly. Malfunctions that happen because of engine troubles are typically the result of a failing cooling system and the repairs can be very costly. Employing a 50 /50 blend of antifreeze and water is ideal and using an antifreeze ball tester can help. Using this method, you can continue to keep an eye on the coolant levels and increase the antifreeze when you need to. Replace your windshield washer fluid with the type that is made for cold weather because during the winter your windshield can get very dirty.

Check out the battery to make sure it is ready to make it through the winter, especially if you have had it for a few years. Keep the terminal posts clear of corrosion, so that the car is going to start easier. Batteries tend not to keep going as long when the winter months are very cold. Its not a bad idea to have a pair of jumper cables accessible in the event your battery dies. Change your engine oil according to the manufacturers recommendation and be sure to use the proper weight of oil. Change the wiper blades when theyre no longer working.

You really should have snow tires or other all-weather tires, designed for snowy driving conditions and you ought to have these installed prior to the winter weather. You will need to be equipped for the cold weather so put cold weather gear in your car, like coats, hats, gloves, flashlights and a shovel in case you get stuck.

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