Close your eyes for a minute. Think about these two phrases: “Getting sober” and “Getting clean.” What images come to mind? You may first think of a drunk person or an addict with drugs. Then you probably think of a room full of people saying, “Hi, Joe,” after Joe says, “My name is Joe and I’m an alcoholic.”

We’ve all seen those rooms on television. Some of us have been in the rooms ourselves. In our society, that’s where addicts and alcoholics go. They don’t get cured, they get sober or clean. But (according to the powers that decide these things), they’re never going to be cured because there is no cure.

That is the first problem with a traditional drug rehab center and alcohol recovery facility. No other medical professional in the country starts with the assumption that the patient is doomed. Yet that is exactly what people suffering from drug addiction and alcohol addiction are told.

Addiction is a disease, according to the treatment establishment. Not only a disease, but an incurable disease. And not only an incurable disease, but an incurable disease that can only be controlled by going to meetings every week or even every day for life. And not only going to meetings, but going to meetings and admitting powerlessness over the disease.

Some people do get sober through these methods and enjoy many years of their lives without succumbing to addiction. But as predicted, they are not cured. It’s the reason they are not cured that is interesting. It’s not because there is no cure. It is because they have not been cured.

The first step in curing addiction, as practiced in holistic drug rehab centers, is detox.

Drug And Alcohol Rehab

A traditional drug rehab center or alcohol recovery facility will also “detox” a patient. The two methods could not be more different. Traditional drug and alcohol treatment centers use medications (drugs) to detox a patient addicted to drugs. Some patients, particularly alcoholics, are left to detox “naturally,” meaning wait out the withdrawal symptoms.

Holistic addiction treatment centers, on the other hand, use a natural Ibogaine program to actually remove the toxins from a person’s body. Those toxins include drugs or alcohol, but also other contaminants that have built up over time and are preventing the body from healing. Once this detox is completed, holistic addiction treatment centers move on to treat the body, mind and spirit to create a person who is addiction-free.

Conventional drug and alcohol rehab facilities do not approach addiction recovery from a mind/body/spirit perspective. As stated, detox is simply removing the offending drug from the body. As for the mind, the focus is not on retraining the mind or changing mindset to create a new perspective and a new individual.

Rather, with at almost any drug and alcohol recovery facility, the mind is considered to be the enemy. Your mind got you into the addiction. Your mind cannot be trusted. You have to change your thoughts. However, unlike holistic treatment centers, they provide no counseling or training to “change your mind.” The message is that you must change the way you think, and the expectation is that you will simply think differently.

Twelve Step programs are part of the problem here. With catch-phrases like “stinking thinking,” they reinforce the idea that there is something fundamentally wrong with a person who has had a drug addiction. Couple this with the insistence that people with addiction are incurably diseased and must admit “powerlessness.” This is not only not a cure, but it is a recipe for continued addictive behavior.

In the mind/body/spirit triumvirate, even high-end drug rehab facilities do not care for the spirit. The problem is that most people think they do. AA enjoys a reputation as a “spiritual program.” The truth is, one of the Twelve Steps mentions “God as we understood Him,” and that is the only spiritual reference. Many AA and NA members develop religious leanings after joining the program, but there is no spiritual therapy or treatment in the average drug treatment facility.

Holistic drug rehab centers, on the other hand, are very attuned to the spiritual. These centers offer spiritual counseling and such treatments as acupuncture and Chi Gong. Practitioners at holistic drug and alcohol treatment centers understand that the spirit, the mind and the body must all be in alignment and working in unison in order to cure addiction.

The goal at holistic drug treatment centers is cure. “Recovery” is basically another way of saying “Living with the addiction but not using drugs.” Given the choice, and there is a choice, most people would prefer to be well and whole, to be cured. Although the received wisdom is that no cure for addiction exists, the fact is that The Holistic Sanctuary offers holistic treatments that can cure addiction.

Holistic Drug Rehab Centers

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