I am sure you understand that there plenty of different programs available on the internet for sale that can teach you how to make cash online, but you can also make money by sticking to the basics. If you search on the internet you are in addition going to find programs available that are going to attempt to charge you for the information and knowledge that were going to provide to you below. The technique we are discussing is taking advantage of Google Adsense in order to earn an income, and this is much more powerful than many people believe.

If you currently have your own website youre halfway there, however if you do not, you are able to get hosting and a domain name for about $10.00 a month. Once you choose a company for your site and hosting more than likely youll receive information on precisely how to access your cPanel. When you have access to your cPanel youll be trying to find the program that will install the word press platform onto your internet site so you are able to run a blog from it. For individuals who have not done this before youll discover that there are videos available online to walk you through this step by step. Its very important to use this blogging platform as Google likes this more than the other platforms and its easy to optimize with the plug ins available.

At this point you are going to discover that there are a couple of plug ins youre going to want to install on your blog to be able to start getting traffic. The all in one SEO plug in is the first plug in you are going to want to install on your blog simply because this will permit you to properly optimize every web page you post. You also want to make certain you keep all of your posts listed on your internet site map as well as the Google xml site map plug in can do this for you.

The final step before you begin posting content is to add Adsense advertisements on your blog that people can click on to help you make cash. The first sort of an advertisement youre going to want to add is really a skyscraper so this will be the first one you create with Google Google will provide you with a code that you can put right into a widget in order to add this advertisement into the sidebar of your internet site.

At this point the single thing left to do is to start producing content for your blog and posting it, and also including Adsense advertisements within the content of your post. You are obviously not going to want to be putting skyscraper advertisements in your content, so youll need to make new ad codes through Google for rectangular or square ads. Keep in mind that its really important to update your blogs each day, and you ought to also begin building links to each post you generate.

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