You may have considered more natural pain relief options but don’t know where to start. A good option for those new to natural pain relief is tens machine hire. This provides you with an opportunity to try out the soothing effects of tens machines before you invest in buying a device yourself.

Natural Pain Relief

The reliance in modern medicine on prescription drugs for pain relief can be harmful to patients. Not only does this cost a lot of money for healthcare systems but prescription drugs can also cause a number of side effects. Some of these can be serious and can put patients at risk.

• Because of the costs of pain relief prescription medicines (in terms of both money and health) more and more people are looking for natural alternatives.

• There are a number of natural pain relief treatments available that can help people to manage pain without side effects.

• Tens machine hire is becoming more popular as these devices can offer effective pain relief without drugs.

Pain Relief in Labour

As well as relieving pain related to illness and injury tens machine hire can also be an effective way to assist with pain relief in labour. Many women use tens machines to help manage the pain of labour and you can hire these devices when you need them.

• There are a number of tens machines designed specifically for pain relief in labour.

• This includes the leading Elle TeNS machine. This lightweight digital obstetrics aid can offer a number of advanced features for ease of use.

• This includes pre-set programs that can provide different levels of pain relief in relation to the stages of labour.

• There is also a practical boost feature that can increase the pain relief effects temporarily during difficult contractions.

• This tens machine works to help numb pain signals and reduce the trauma of childbirth more naturally.

• The Elle TeNS machine also uses a low frequency mode to slowly encourage the release of natural pain killers produced by the body (endorphins).

• This compact machine works from regular batteries and can offer frequency adjustment ranges from 16Hz through to 100Hz.

Online Tens Machine Hire

One of the best places to find tens machine hire is to go online. The Internet is a great resource for medical equipment and supplies. This can be a great way for you to find the right tens machine hire for your budget and medical requirements.

• You can hire tens machines weekly or monthly. If you think you will need the machine longer then make sure you contact the provider to let them know as soon as possible.

• The leading providers will offer freepost return options so that when you have finished with the machine you do not have to pay to return it.

Tens machine hire can offer fast and easy access to natural pain relief. This can be an effective alternative to prescription drugs for pain relating to illness, injury and also child birth.

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