A beautiful and economic house which is good for environment is a dream of every house owner. Though electricity is a renewable source of energy, still a smart human being is the one who makes efficient utilization of the resources. And as a result the popularity of energy saving bulbs and appliances is increasing all over the world. These light bulbs helps in less energy consumption as they consume less amount of energy and for that reason reduces the amount of energy exhausted from environment or surroundings all-around us. Due to the increasing awareness in people for the energy saving, the trend of energy saving bulb has increased so drastically that it has overcome the traditional domestic bulbs. Moreover, fluorescent bulb, compact fluorescent bulb and LEDs lights have become a very important part of house ware shopping lists. Anyone can well imagine the benefits of all types of energy saving lights, however there are many other types of reasons, why a contemporary house owner have made them their first choice.

Though there are number of energy saving bulbs available in market however if we talk about the lighting efficiency there is nothing in comparison to LED lights. The reason behind the high efficiency of these lights is there capability of consuming exceptionally low energy, with a very good life span of around 100,000 hours. This is 20 times as compared to the life of any other domestic incandescent light. Not only this, it is assumed that if we leave a LED light bulb turned on and do not turn it off, a newly born child would have completed his or her primary school prior to the light dies. And just because of this reason these lights are most commonly used for the working or commercial areas where the light requirement is almost for the entire day and night, if not, then at least most of the time. The rate of energy efficiency of these lights is 80 percent, which denotes that out of the entire amount of energy consumed by these lights only 20 percent is lost in the environment. If we compare the efficiency of an incandescent light, it converts only 20 percent of the energy consumed into light.

Similarly the most efficient bulbs in terms of low energy are the compact fluorescent bulbs which are popularly known as CFLs. These bulbs are principally fluorescent bulbs, however they have superior amount of energy efficiency and better adaptability in requisites to the appliances they could be used in. The secret element used in CFL bulbs is the vapors of mercury which is enclosed in the glass. When the electricity passes through the mercury vapor, it glows giving out an ultraviolet beam which is not visible to us, but this light actually arouse the phosphorous layer that in the due course produces light. The significant feature is that exciting the phosphorous layer by this technique needs less amount of electrical energy as compare to any other means of lightening.

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