If you are serious about becoming successful as an Internet marketer or even better staying at the top of your game, then you need to get serious about website video software. You need to solve the problem with video marketing.

Video has been a boon for the Internet marketer, they can come face to face with their customers and this gives them instant validation in the viewer’s eyes, they are truly real people and they do care about them. Why would they not trust in them and their offer? Alas this emotion only lasts while the video is rolling, once they are returned to their normal life, sat back in front of a computer screen their mind starts to wander and they lose interest in your message.

All they had to do was click on your link.

Josh had like all of his marketing friends been frustrated by this problem. They knew there were thousands of people watching their videos, but once the video stopped and all of their pop ups, flying arrows and voice prompts had finished the numbers making the call to action click were woeful.

How could you have them complete a squeeze page, a PayPal button or a shopping cart whilst keeping the viewer inside your world and your video?

This was the marketer’s problem of 2009 and Josh was not one to live with a problem. Thus he went into hiding and called in his programming experts to settle this matter once and for ever.

However many had tried before and this had defeated many clever and cunning programmers over the years and it would have remained in this state had it not met its match in a rather unique Internet Marketer called Josh Bartlett.

Clearly finding a solution to a problem that had defeated those that had come before and the fact that the audience were getting used to watching videos with no strings attached. Josh knew it would not be easy to find a technical solution quickly that would encourage a change in the viewers behavior and solve the original problem.

However with focus and perseverance comes success and not only did he solve this problem for himself, his fellow marketers were amazed by the quality and professionalism of the solution, this was no sticky tape or overly complicated process that would hinder its use.

You know you have a great solution when you make people like Mike Filsaime gush and heap praise on the creator.

Josh Bartlett received high praise not just from Mr Filsaime but many more of his peers and decided it was time to let the marketing world step up a level and have his solution to the problem that was holding video marketing back from its true potential.

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