Fiona McPherson’s Perfect Memory Training is an in depth guide that tackles the subject of boosting the capacity and functionality of your memory. McPherson holds a PhD is psychology and is regarded as a prominent expert in the area of memory related research. A word of warning: the book is not a comprehensive how-to guide; a big portion of it is in reality dedicated to understanding memory. Many techniques for boosting memory were developed, thanks to the comprehensive research carried out by McPherson and others experts in the field. However, the techniques aren’t effective for everybody. A number of factors like cultural, psychological, intellectual, and genetic variations make every human mind different.

You will find lots of books on memory improvement diving right into giving advice without offering any kind of explanations as to how or why they work. Though step-by-step instructions on improving memory are easy to follow, it is not always easy to apply them to your life. To illustrate, what if you’re told to imagine the place where you first met a person so you can recall faces, but you’re actually going to have to look at a photo gallery just so you know who’s going to be at the company party? Because you haven’t met these people, and all the pictures are on the same wall, this trick isn’t going to be much help.

Perfect Memory Training is meant to offer knowledge and information that can easily be applied to real-life situations. The first half of the book is dedicated to how memory works. You’re going to find out how your mind makes and retrieves memories, and even more importantly, what makes a memory easy to remember. Then it talks about the methods by which you can determine what things are worth keeping in mind. The final chapters of part one explain the various parts of memory, and how your working memory works.

Techniques for greater recall are covered in the second half of the book. You will find several tricks for improving your ability to recall things. You will also learn how to be a better strategic thinker and learner, and improve your attention span. These concepts are all connected with, and at times confused with, memory. At the conclusion of the book you’ll find handy tests for your memory’s working capacity, glossary, and suggested reading.

Fiona McPherson’s Perfect Memory Training is available as a print book and an e-book on Amazon. At approximately $10, this book is a great investment for anyone who is keen on memory training. Nonetheless, if you’re simply in search of an easy how-to, or a good book of tips and tricks, you’ll likely be let down with this book. Only one chapter in the book is dedicated to memory tricks and techniques, so you’re going to be better off having a book like The Memory book: The Classic Guide to Improving Your Memory. Perfect Memory Training is the most suitable book for you if you also would like to figure out exactly what makes your memory tick!

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