Having excessive weight is common factor in these days. Due to that many people are suffering for various diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer, colon cancer etc. The victim of excessive weight disease person wants to lose his weight. SO that he or she sufferer can relieve from these disease quickly. T achieving extreme weight loss is not any easy task; you should be determined and stick to your goal then only you can accomplish your goal.

There is several ways to extreme weight loss and live fit and healthy life:

(1) Extreme weight loss needs a multi -sided approach or support which combines diet, exercise and emotionally support and also some in rare case requires help of diet supplements. The consumption of low carb diets are dietary programs or plans that prohibit carbohydrate consumption, which is useful for extreme weight loss, and also for the treatment of obesity disease.

(2) Set a Goal to achieve extreme weight loss you should be determined. By making a goal you will be focused and concentrate for losing weight. It also recalls you about perfect mixture of diet and exercise. Maintain an exercise program regularly for a minimum 15 minutes per day which includes such as walking, jogging, swimming are good things for extreme weight loss.

(3) Try to eat less that doesn’t cause your health. You will not achieve of losing weight until you reduce your calories. Don’t bother about what kind of food you eat or consume. You can consume your favorite dish, but consume in a smaller amounts. Your target should be for 0.6 of protein per pound of body weight and fish oil each and every day.

(4) Another best way for extreme weight loss is lemon detox drink diet. As per sources, if 8 glass of lemon juices is the regarded as the only juice nourishment dieter will be having for 10 days is extreme. The drink should contain of 2 tablespoons twisted lemon juice, 2 tablespoons sugar maple, a little bit of cayenne pepper and also water. This drinks works as cleans digestive system and also burn the fat stuff.

(5) Weight training is a popular and famous method for extreme weight loss or fat loss and also gaining muscle. Weight training helps to burn a good amount of calories i.e. near about 500 per hour, according to the experts or doctors. You can also increase calorie burning by implementing high density weight training method or techniques.

(6) You should not only focus and concentrate solely on your weight. Considering yourself for only weight can lead to impatience and disappointment. The recommended or standard weight loss range is 1 to 2 pounds in a week, but sometimes it takes a little longer for measurement. Always think about how your body feels and how much extent fitness level has been improved. It may be the possibility to see changes in your energy level.

(7) It doesn’t matter what diet you follow for extreme weight loss program, but the most important factor is nutrition. Even though if you are planning for losing weight fast, you should still consume a balanced diet and along with exercise. Exercise burns fat level down, which is a good sign for losing weight.

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