With the advent of new scientific imaging of the eyes, it has been found that worsening vision with age usuall occurs due to reversible reasons. In light of this, the obvious question is why do so many people jump straight onto glasses without even trying to improve their vision through eye exercises?

I genuinely believe that people are just simply unaware just how their eyes work and how quickly it can respond to a little bit of exercise. Since the more recent studies are confirming the important role of eye muscles in controlling visual acuity, it stands to reason that you can improve your visual clarity simply by performing specialized eye exercises. The vast majority of sight problems have been shown to improve either completely or at least partially following a carefully constructed natural vision improvement regime.

Given that glasses teach you eyes bad habits, commonly cause a steady deterioration in eyesight and cost on average $500 a year it is clear that spending a short amount of time running through some eye exercises could literally be the best decision you ever made for your eyesight.

If you have been accustomed to wearing eyeglasses for a while now, then you’ll be very interested in what I have to say. Your vision is more fluid and dynamic than you think. Your eyesight naturally changes throughout the duration of each day, and you can use eye exercises to take control of this dynamic fluidity of vision to improve your eyesight permanently. In fact some people can completely cure their vision problems within the first month of proper eye training. And more good news is that these methods will work for you regardless of your age.

In case you want to get started now, here are some instructions on how to proceed:

Learning how to make your eyes ‘loosen up’

In many cases, all one really needs to do is de-stres the eye muscles to dramatacially improve vision. Your eyes are extremely sensitive to strain especially with our modern common lifestyle of working in front of computers, watching the television and reading books. Unfortunately eye strain is not relieved by sleep, since one’s eyes are in motion even during sleep (often more rapidly than when you are awake). To relieve eye strain, a conscious relaxation regime is required.

One exercise that I always recommend to someone who is suffering for eye strain is called palming. It’s a very simple, easy exercise with a great success rate. Palming causes a intense relaxation of your eyes and eye muscles, which helps to improve vision by removing eye strain.

Below are some guidelines on how to perform the exercise:

Bring your hands in front of your face, in level with your eyes. Ensuring your hands only make slight contact with your eyelids or none at all, seal your cupped hands around your eyes, allowing no light to enter. The exercise can be performed either in a seated or a lying position, or even while standing. What’s important is that you are comfortable. Now you simply spend as long as you need to generate relaxing and positive thoughts. You should try and concentrate on relaxing all the muscles in your eye – this will be hard to begin with but after a while you get used to it.

You can find out more about natural eyesight improvement by following this link: Eye Health.

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