Studying hospitality management at Stenden South Africa opens a variety of doors in and related to the hospitality industry. As South Africa is made up of diverse attractions, businesses and places the different fields of operations in hospitality management are needed throughout the country. Stenden South Africa ensures that each student has a taste of everything before choosing their main field of operation, allowing students to decide which sector they’d prefer to make their careers in.

Stenden South Africa offers several different alternatives in their B.Com hospitality management degrees, including game lodge management, food and beverage management, rooms division management and catering management. They also offer convention centre management, banqueting management and sales management to students who are interested. The beauty of a B.Com degree is that it can be incredibly useful in many other fields too; many graduates with B.Com degrees have gone to build careers in the finance and marketing and advertising. Essentially, this degree is a huge asset to anyone working in the service industry.

Amongst the most popular fields of operations to study at Stenden South Africa is game lodge management and food and beverage management. Game reserves entice thousands of tourists to South Africa every year and game lodges are constantly finding ways to top their competitors – hiring game lodge managers to run their lodges smoothly and entice further visitors. This career is suited to nature lovers and people pleasers. Food and beverage managers work in large hotels, leisure centres and game lodges. They run all the catering and the different daily operations of preparing meals and serving them to the guests. Catering managers are similar to food and beverage managers; however they run the daily operations of restaurants and restaurant chains, including its finances, resources, work force and budget. Banqueting managers ensure that the production and serving of all food and beverages at a hotel’s events run smoothly.

Rooms division managers are crucial for the smooth running of large convention centres and hotels. They ensure that each room’s allocated function runs smoothly and manage the budget, resources and employees. Convention centre managers are similar in that the manager has full responsibility for the smooth running of the centre, including its budget, large events, staff and resources.

Stenden South Africa goes out of its way to ensure that all B.Com degree majors include all relevant and required resources and staff knowledge. All fields of operations and majors include field trips and workshops, as well talks and lectures by the industry’s top professionals. Whether students choose to study game lodge management or food and beverage management, or even choose to spread their wings in other service industries, the fields of operations and B.Com hospitality management degree will prove to be incredibly useful and an asset which will allow graduates to become the next leaders in the hospitality management industry.

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