As the world grows more aware, and globalisation spreads throughout the whole globe more people are questioning their beliefs, and looking for more answers. Whereas people used to simply accept what they were told, they now question everything in order to find the truth. Combine that with an ever-shortening attention span, and you have a problem as a minister. This is where sermon illustrations can help.

With illustrated sermons, you’re able to convey a lot more information in a shorter amount of time to your audience. Consider how the world has changed in the past 50 years; as new generations have sprang forth, they have become more used to getting everything as quickly as possible, and this includes information. Sermon illustrations, preferably in the form of a sermon powerpoint would help to enhance sermons, reduce other sermon resources costs (such as lots of handouts), and overall to get your messages across to your audience better.

Illustrated sermons are quickly becoming popular around the country, with many ministers adopting the idea of preaching illustrations to demonstrate and reinforce their message to their audiences.

There are many benefits to using sermon illustrations:

• Easier to construct Christian sermon illustrations using pictures, due to their ease of use and simplicity.

• Illustrated sermons are a way of conveying a message simply. Have you ever heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words”? This is certainly the case in terms of sermon illustrations. Imagine how much can be gleaned from one image of significant bible events, such as Jesus Christ on the cross; Christian sermon illustrations truly have power and meaning.

• Consider sermon resources in terms of sermon illustrations. How much of the churches’ money is spent on handouts for one day’s service? Imagine how much money we can save simply by using a sermon powerpoint instead, reducing the costs of sermon resources.

• A lot of people today are consumers of modern technology, such as computers, phones and so on. As a result, illustrated sermons would become a huge advantage, as these people would be able to take the sermon home with them as a file from the computer, meaning further teachings and more benefit to you and them.

As you can see, illustrated sermons have a large variety of benefits, and little or no downside. If you are to capture the hearts and minds of future generations, you must be able to adapt your teachings to them in order to get your message across. Technology is a huge aid in terms of preaching illustrations, as pictures become personal to each person who views them; that way, people can share an experience and also gain something extra from your sermon.

Christian sermon illustrations are quickly becoming the future, and if you embrace them and begin to convey large parts of your sermon through these illustrations, you will be more likely to get the message across better to your audience.

Good luck with your sermon illustrations, and God bless.

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