The dog bite law in Philadelphia is strict and it gives relief to the victim. The Dog Law was formed in December 7, 1982. According to the law, the victim can get full compensation if the dog is in the habit of biting and has bitten others too. If it is proved that the dog bites without reason and has a tendency to bite, the victim will get big relief from the law. That is why a PA Dog Bite Attorney is helpful in getting justice in the case of such an incident. There is also a one-bite rule which can give relief to the dog owner too. Depending on the degree of injury, if the dog has never bitten before, the law can do justice to both parties. The injury is described as either severe or non-severe.

In a severe injury, there might be broken bones, sutures, blood loss and wounds that require cosmetic surgery. If a victim is severely injured he or she can make a claim under the Dog Law against the dog owner and charge him or her for medical expenses as well as any other loss faced and all the damages that can be claimed legally. It is important that the victim gives evidence of the dog caused severe injury on him without any provocation or teasing from the victim’s side. If the injury is of the serious kind, it does not matter whether the dog is in the habit of biting and has earlier bitten anyone or not in the past.

In the case of non-severe injury, the victim can sue the dog owner, but the claim would be limited to medical expenses only. The law is also in favour of relief to the victim even if the injury is non-severe in nature. Sec. 502, subdivision (b) of the Dangerous Dog Statute clearly states that: “Any cost to the victim for medical treatment resulting from an attacking or biting dog must be paid fully by the owner of such dog.”
It is the responsibility of the owner to make sure that the dog is always on a leash, particularly, when it is out of the residence. The Dog Bite law is also in favour of dog owners and ensures that justice is done in every case.

PA Dog Bite attorney offers legal assistance to residents, whether they are owners of dogs or have simply been bitten by any. All those who live in Altoona, Edensburg, Erie, Johnstown or Pittsburgh can benefit from the helpful Dog Bite law of the state and overcome the crisis caused by medical bills and loss of wages during recovery, etc. The evidence is crucial and legal suits must be filed promptly in the case of a dog bite, because the attorneys offer legal evaluation absolutely free. The lawyers offer help also in form of building awareness on the subject by apprising residents and common people on the reasons why dogs bite and how such a thing could be prevented and even hand out dog safety tips.

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