To bring things to their simplest terms, it’s important we recognize that there are only 2 core emotions in the Universe. There is Love and its counter-part Fear. Everyone operates out of one of these at any given time. Most times, it is one or the other. Below is a short example of what I mean;  
FROM LOVE: Kindness, harmony, gladness, peace of mind, and so on.
FROM FEAR: Hatred, discord, sadness, racism, unrighteous anger, and so on.
We make the decision to work within the confines of one of these emotions, or both, on day-by-day bases. Life circumstances, things that happen in our childhoods, and many other life experiences can determine how our walk in this life is carried out and have profound effects on our minds, bodies and spirits.  We must not make light of a person’s trauma or sufferings, but instead we can hopefully adjust how they perceive themselves in spite of whatever event or events they have been through.

If we choose to walk in love we then can begin to start a higher vibration not only within ourselves but also in the spirit realm.  In that, we can start to make a difference within ourselves and in the spirit realm. The first choice is the beginning point. This starts with believing we are worthy to be loved. Many of us believe we love others, but how can we really love another person unless we love ourselves?

In the Christian Bible, there is a scripture that reads, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Allow us to look at that statement in its entirety.
Many Christians understand the part that states “Love your neighbor…” but neglect to understand the portion that reads “… as yourself”. I am saying, in part, what Jesus was trying to explain. How can you love and respect your neighbor(s) if you do not love and respect yourself? Many claim that God lives inside their hearts, but are they really seeing themselves through God’s eyes? I am afraid not.

Knowing God loves us, and learning to love ourselves can bring about a realization of just who we are in God. And in God’s Love we cannot exist with fear in our hearts, or minds.

Having a rational fear of things that can hurt us is a healthy thing. Irrational fear is a damaging outlook we must free ourselves from.

Learning that God’s Love for us is centered in peace of mind, and spiritual prosperity, is the mindset we need to achieve. And by doing this, we can recognize the core of who we are in God’s Love. This will in turn give us a new lease on life by allowing us to walk in LOVE. We are worthy to love ourselves. Once we find that love within ourselves, we can share it with others, based on God’s undending love of us. The reasonable fear in this life is to be worried about having a life without God. Not to be afraid of God. Turning from a negative self out look to a positive self outlook is what we’re attempting to achieve here. We are able to do this, the question is, do we desire to? –Rev. Matt Allen from the Universal Life Church.

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