Before you can be an expert carp fisher, you have to become familiar with the customary routines and nature of the carp. In America, for many years, carp had the reputation as a “trash” fish, but in most other countries, carp have always been highly regarded. This trend has changed, however, and many fishers in North America are discovering the fun and challenge of carp fishing. Below are some invaluable ploys you can implement to increase the size of your catch no matter where you go carp fishing.

There are numerous carp fishing groups around, and by joining one you will increase your chances of quickly coming up to speed on the best ways to fish for carp. There are many such groups in Europe, but today you’ll also find them scattered around the U.S. and Canada as well. If you do an internet search, you may discover a group, club, or organization not far from where you live. If no local groups exist, the next best thing is to find discussion groups or forums on the internet that focus on carp fishing. Without a doubt, “experience is the best teacher” and if you really want to get some hands on experience, go out carp fishing whenever you can get away. It’s just as important to learn what not to do as what to do when carp fishing. Novice carp fishers can make mistakes without even knowing it and run the fish off. You have to be really prudent when you are around carp fishing areas as carp, especially, are quite sensitive. Try to keep your presence as low-key as possible as you get close to the area you plan to fish at. As you get close to your fishing spot, and you are with some companions, only talk when it’s necessary and then do so as quietly as you can. Also, don’t bang things around and make all sorts of noise when you unload your gear. Another concern is stepping into the water and causing ripples, or throwing foreign objects – such as cigarettes – into the water. This will alert the carp and they will go somewhere else. Vibrations can also be sensed easily by carp, so it’s important to move around your camp lightfooted and only as much as is necessary. And remember they are also sensitive to odors – so try not to smoke or wear strong after shave – and keep the noise down as well.

A great way to catch carp, that a lot of carp fishers never try, is night fishing. The only change you have to make to your equipment when you night fish is to remember to take along a flash light or lantern so you can see where you’re going. Of course, if you haven’t checked out the area ahead of time in the daylight, it will make your night fishing trip more hazardous.

Very often, you’ll find that it’s easier to catch carp at night, as they tend to be more relaxed and not as wary. Since your vision will be limited, your sense of touch becomes important when you hook a carp at night. This will require more skill and finesse on your part. As with any new challenge, it pays to keep in mind that you will improve and learn more with time and experience. Never stop studying and learning about carp fishing – both from other carp fishers and from books and magazines, and even online sources. Perseverance will pay off, even if you don’t reach master status immediately. When you’re out fishing, watch what the other carp fishers do. This is a quick and easy way to learn new tactics that you can employ in your own fishing. Experiment with all the different factors that go into carp fishing such as your bait, the locations in which you fish, and time of day, and keep track of what factors give you the best outcome.

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