Free Watch/Download Full Hindi Bollywood HD Movie : KYA YAHI SACH HAI (Hindi Movie)

Producer Pushpa Singh
Director Y.P. Singh
Music Santosh Anand
Writer Y.P. Singh
Lyrics Ibrahim Ashq
Release Date 30-Dec-2011

About Movie:- Kya Yahi Sach Hai is an international award winning film directed by IPS officer YP Singh. The film is based on “Canage by Angels” written by Mr. Singh’s in 2003, which exposed the rampant corruption and negligence that happen in the police force. He decide to make movie on the same topic. The movie is based on corruption in police.

This film won the Silver Award in the Narrative Film Category of the California Film Awards in 2010.

About Story:- The story is based on a young guy, being trained in Indian Police Service (IPS) officer, throughout of his training, how he gets into largely corrupt activities and how it changed his life, How such incidents makes him give up corruption and take to honesty.

After that this IPS officer and his wife decide not to earn bribes in the police as that would be an unexcusble crime,
This heat touching story unfolds, what materialize in the film. This all is for maneuver, deception, sex, love and money. Todays world of glamour, police, bureaucracy, politicians, citizens, corporate bodies, powerbrokers, doctors and media all are indulge in this kind of activity.

About Music:- Music of film is soft, soulful, soothing. This is a music album with a difference not because it is the soundtrack of an international award-winning film on police corruption and bureaucratic apathy in India, .but because it is a unforgettable one evocative of the days of yore when hard hitting films also had good soothing soulful soundtracks.

Movie Review:- The film is based on the 2003 book ‘Carnage by Angels’. The movie revolves around an courageous and daring IPS officer Raghu Kumar whose arrival into the city of Kolhapur creates disaster in the hearts of drug dealer and black vendor. The local public finds a hero in Raghu who has become an barrier in the way of corrupt police officers. More than an IPS officers struggle against the corrupt police force, this is an impression of the whole bureaucratic system which breaks the courage and weaken the daring of an honest officer.

Direction, Dialogues and Music:-The director has tried to be loyal to his pupose. A predictable and long-drawn-out storyline is one of the biggest downside of the movie. Dialogues are average and leave no impact. Cinematography is decent, while had the editing been crispier, it would have definitely helped the final product. The songs have very little to offer . Tere Pass Hai Danda Toh Mere Pass Hai Bumm is an attempt to add an item number to the flick.

Overall:- Expecting less is the best way to avoid dissatisfaction but good movie to know about corruption in police line.

Free Watch/Download Full Hindi Bollywood HD Movie : KYA YAHI SACH HAI (Hindi Movie)

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