Action games are not that easy to define. The reason being they cover different genre, when it comes to video games technology.

Action games are not that easy to define. The reason being they cover different genre, when it comes to video games technology. There is no universal agreement on the right term that defines action games. However, we can say that these games focuses on action events, and it does not matter whether the action involve gun shootout, or use of brawls in deserted places. The main thing is for players to be focused enough to overcome all the challenges that are set on the game. It is therefore important that you learn more about the different type of action games genre that are available.
First person action games
This type of action game allows the player to look at the events happening on a positive approach. Most of these games focus on the use of weapons linked combats, with the perspective of controlling the target of the gun. The most common series include Call of Duty and Halo; both of these games incorporate the first person rank, with the aim of using the gun based contest. They also incorporate other features which include, collection of ammunition, tracing the ammunitions, armors and other puzzle machinery.
Third person action games
The game shows the full view of the characters. This is possible, as the camera is located behind the characters view. The advantage of having the camera located behind the character is that it enables the players to engage in more physical activities. Examples of the physical activities include; ability to locate the distance he or she has to cover before they can jump, secondly, tracing a cliff they are to climb in advance. Some of the games that are classified as the third person action games include, to Tom Raider and Unchartered. They provide the players with numerous challenges, which include, navigating environments and solving puzzles, and eliminating all the enemies they encounter during the course of the game.
Fighting action games
These fighting action games commonly feature two or more characters who confront each other using skirmish tactics. The two featured characters are known as combats. The popular games are the Mortal Combat and Street Fighters. The characters in these games are expected to confront each other in a round robin manner. The combats confront each other face to face. The game also allows them to move forward and backward while fighting. Players are expected to press a combination of the buttons, in their quest to reduce the opponent health bar. Each character uses different tactics and weapons to counter the enemy. As the players suffers damage, so does the health bar reduces. With the latest advancement in technology, some of these games provide 3D mode arenas. Where the combatant is allowed to perform sidestep assault on a face to face mode.
Platform action games
This game mainly focuses on navigation of the environment, and is played as a third person mode . The Mario’s is the perfect example of platform game. The objective of these games is for players to move from one location to another until they reach the final stage overcoming all the obstacles in each stage.

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