Basketball training goes hand in hand with the desire to play the game well. Your ability to motivate yourself and have commitment to training will ultimately determine the outcome. To make the most impressive gains you’ll need to approach your training drills with the same attitude as playing basketball. Let’s look at some ways to help you get more from your basketball training sessions.

You cannot train or play the game if you’re injured, and you need to have awareness of that when you’re basketball training. You can hurt yourself or get hurt in so many different ways when you’re training, working out, or playing in a game. Through no fault of your own, you can sustain a severe injury that can end your season, or further ability to play the game. One of the keys to avoiding injuries is doing the kind of training exercises that make your body stronger and more flexible. The single most important thing you can do for your body is stretching before you train and afterwards. Something is better than nothing, but if you want to gain the maximum benefit, then you should stretch well so increase overall flexibility as well as reduce chances of injury. You can avoid injuries when you’re training and playing if you concentrate on your environment and what you’re doing.

Yes, basketball training and your games do put an extreme amount of physical demands on your body. Your feet take an absolute beating on the courts, and you really do need to get a quality pair of shoes to protect your feet and legs.

You should never wear anything other than shoes designed to provide proper cushioning when you play basketball. You need excellent ankle support when you play, and so we suggest you always wear high tops. You will wear out your shoes quickly, and when this happens you need to replace them. Playing or training in worn out shoes can cause injuries, so if you want to get the most from your basketball training, make sure your footwear is in top condition.

The key to strength and endurance is a strong body that is well nourished, and now we’re talking about proper nutrition. If you want to have more energy every day, then spread out your meals and make them smaller and more frequent. You do want to avoid losing a lot of weight for basketball, that is assuming your weight is basically ideal. It is easy for any basketball player to lose weight, but you need your weight so you will have good energy stores. Even if you want to gain weight, however, you want to eat healthy foods, and a minimum of junk foods, sweets and low quality carbohydrates, as you want any weight you gain to be muscle and not fat. If you put more effort into your basketball training than anyone else, then you will see the kind of improvement that no one else will experience. You know you can do the training routines, but the greatest challenge will be doing them when you don’t feel like doing them. We have focused on providing you with solid basketball training methods that do work. Whether or not you see any results at all is totally dependent on your efforts.

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